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    Re: The new NC Trophy is pretty terrible.

    It looks like a waffle cone and should have a scoop of ice cream on top...
  2. Link: Re: LSU AD -Alabama Fans Will Need 'Telescopes' To See Field At Expanded Tiger Stadiu

    It had nothing to do with being empty, the upper deck was condemned due to structural problems...although once we left, they did stay pretty much empty.
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    Link: Re: Nick Saban hosts Peyton Manning

    I'm seeing Manning may have violated a section of the NoFunLeague's off season rules...hopefully they will punish Peyton by making him wear a Bama shirt for 1 year under his game jersey...or make him...
  4. Re: Water's Wet. Fat Meat's Greasy.4 UGA Players Arrested

    Spurrier said it best....
  5. Re: I found this hidden away in my Grandfather's home.

    I have a case of them..will have to get one out and see which version I have. At the time they came out, my Mom worked near the Coca-Cola plant in Jasper and picked me up a case. The only condition...
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    Re: SEC-TV Question

    I have the 18Mbps (24 is available here also) and it's $56/month is pretty much on the money, each time I have performed a speed test it clocks right at 18.

    If DirecTV doesn't carry the...
  7. Re: Oklahoma's Self-Reported Violations Shows How Absurd the NCAA Is

    I saw there were a couple of "pocket dial/butt dial" phone calls...seriously? Screen lock the phone....I have no sympathy with anyone who "butt dials" someone. :)
  8. News Article: Re: Does Saban run the world, or just college football?

    It was quite entertaining at work today...2 barners were almost frothing at the mouth and to the point of yelling when a co-worker tried to have a logical conversation with them about the rule...
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    Re: *** LB Rashaan Evans Commits to Alabama ***

    Barner SID denying they posted the bio prematurely...I guess their code writer works on the side for the site :)

    Kirk Sampson ‏@AuburnSID 2h
    Auburn Athletics did not...
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    Re: Snow in Bryant Denny Stadium

    Friday March 12th, 1993...we measured 16" at our home in a suburb of Birmingham the next morning. I work for the local electric utility and I can still recall not liking the 16 hr days I put in for 7...
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    Re: Tide Sports Reporting Tony Brown Arrest

    I have a friend who is a retired Marine Recon/LEO (SWAT) and if we could clone him a million times it would be worth it but for every one like him it seems there are a dozen with the...
  12. Re: It appears Luke Del Rio is leaving

    Having read all the comments on this thread has convinced me that I've found some of the people who run to the store and buy milk and bread every time a snowflake falls in this state....and no, this...
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    Link: Re: Gus to the Cleveland Browns? (Seriously)

    He won't move...I heard they have already taken the wheels off his house...
  14. Link: Re: Alabama hires Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator

    Some of you need to take a box of tissues and go sit in the corner :) If Cecil Hurt likes the hire, I'm all for it...I could read CH all day.

    Cecil Hurt on Kiffin Hire
  15. Link: Re: Alabama hires Lane Kiffin as offensive coordinator

    Gotta love this headline...

    Husband of Layla Kiffin lands Crimson Tide Offensive Coordinator job
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