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  1. Re: Dee Milliner thinks he's a pretty good CB...

    Anybody ever met a cornerback worth a durn that wasn't the least bit cocky?
  2. Re: The new dust bowl? Drought Apocalypse approaches as CO River Basin dries up

    Trying to irrigate the desert. What do you expect?
  3. Re: AL Man Goes in for Circumcision & Wakes to Find Penis Amputated

    Wouldn't someone have to sign some papers allowing for the amputation though? Seems like they'd keep him sedated and go ask the wife to sign off on it based on the situation, not just remove his...
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    Re: I got good news about my new job

    How bout if you are just named Art Vandalay?
  5. Re: HMmmm, I wonder What TJ is Focusing On...

    Last year he looked like he had tree trunks for legs and a small upper body.
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    Re: Beggars on the corner

    There used to be a guy in Birmingham that would stand where 31 South dumped onto University Blvd. I think the news media interviewed him and found out he made like $85,000/year. Needless to say,...
  7. Question: Re: How is a "returning starter" determined/defined?

    Just look at the depth chart. :biggrin:
  8. Re: A living pictorial representaion of the asininity and lucidity of the ludicrous.

    I saw this car the other day.
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    Link: Re: Barnie's website hacked by media

    This has bugged me since it happened, with the excuses they gave. I work in the IT field so I have a little experience with this. Basically, the page was created, which I'm sure any school would do...
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    Re: Oklahoma goes the multi-uniform route.

    O M G...that's HORRIBLE!!!
  11. looking for a program to diagram football plays

    I'm looking for some app that I can get my hands on to diagram football plays for a youth football team. Just wondering if any of you out there who have coached has come across something that works...
  12. Re: Los Angeles Declares July Muslim American Heritage Month

    Will 'wiping your butt with your bare LEFT hand so you can shake with your right" be a featured course at the fair?
  13. Re: Board of Trustees Approves Upgrades to BDS

    so I can see the game while listening to Eli and waiting to get my overpriced food now?
  14. Re: Cullman County man kills daughter's rapist who was convicted in 2002

    I was just told this yesterday as well. Turns out I know the individual that was the first target and have since he was a small child. Still don't know what was going on and why he was targeted. ...
  15. Detroit in decline - when do the professional sports teams bail on the city?

    I was pondering a bit about how the professional teams in a dying city like Detroit are able to keep going. With a dwindling city and people moving out, how do they put fannies in the seats enough...
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