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  1. Re: Valuing ($$$) college quarterbacks to their programs. AJ gets dissed again.

    Maybe I'm off, but wouldn't this be a good thing for Alabama? Yah it's a little bit of a diss at McCarron, but him affecting less of our wins would mean that we as a team are that much better, that...
  2. Re: If we were in 2014 - consider the match ups

    It's not strictly "what they want". It's not like back in the day choosing a lesser Notre Dame team over undefeated Alabama for NC (1966). They may take an "other conference" #5 team if it was close...
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    Re: In response to the Texas-Saban report...

    Kent State! Going back to alma mater
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    Re: The End of the Tennessee Rivalry?

    If we go to 16 team conference (I know, this is only second year of 14 teams), I think scheduling would be great. Four Four-team divisions.
    1) Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, Miss State
    2) Texas A&M,...
  5. Link: Re: Alabama punishes students for leaving early

    Block seating dissolved for Tennessee game? Interesting. Agree with it wholeheartedly though
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    Re: Black Alabama Jersey on

    Am I missing something? This is the caption on the link first posted, "The Crimson Tide are built for hard-hitting, fast-paced gridiron action, and we know that's exactly why you love them. Promote...
  7. Link: Re: Time: "It's time to pay college athletes."

    Is it just me or do they not still receive these stipends? I thought I remember a story about Demeco Ryans possibly getting some players together to donate their stipend money to Hurricane Katrina. I...
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    Re: Bama-VT Notes

    For most teams, that may not be a big deal because you usually play a scrub team first. However, for us, that includes a top 10 VT, a top 10 Clemson and Michigan
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    Tickets to sell for VT game

    A friend of mine bought tickets for his friends and they backed out on him. These will probably be in Tech section.

    Tickets are split up in sections 341 and 352. Email him at...
  10. Re: Maryland 247sports site reporting UNC has a Big Ten offer

    Being from Roanoke, VA, I think if they are available, you have to take VT. Since mid-90s, VT has dominated that state and that area in football. It's the only big time sport really in the whole SW...
  11. Re: Where We Stand: 48 Hours to National Signing Day

    But when you have a young defensive backfield, your LBs have to assist in coverage a lot more. With a great backfield (ie 2009), you can add a lot more LB, CB, and Safety blitzes. Look at Texas A&M...
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    Re: New weight room photo...

    I went there a few times throughout Fall of 2010 and they would have "Beat Penn State" or "Beat Tennessee" in the other team's colors showing on them and that was it. No cable TV for sure.
  13. Link: Re: Reuben Foster Says He Will Only Visit 3 Schools

    What if both to Bama? That would be shocking, no?
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    Question: Re: NSD Fan (Fax) Cam

    But still suitable for PMs? ;)
  15. Re: Majority of the fans at Title game will be for Notre Dame

    Yah I'm sure the NFL fans just travel so well to the games in England also...
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