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  1. Re: Ole Miss Fan Gets Drunk And Does Unmentionable Things At Mobile (AL) Chicken Join

    Once people eating discovered him, did they choke on their chicken?
  2. Re: When They Asked Jeff Foxworthy About Obama, No One Thought He Would Do THIS

    No matter who said it, they were spot on.
  3. Link: Re: The Most Overrated Teams of the Last Decade

    Oregon may not be the most overrated but they are by far the most overhyped. They have such great team speed...:rolleyes:
  4. Re: 2016 Season QB Thread (Moved QB Posts from Practice Thread)

    "The New Kid in Town".
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    Re: Expansion: Alive and Well

    BYU because of they have a large following across the country and are competitive. Cincinnati would give West Virginia a close rival and for media market and recruiting. Central Florida is a large...
  6. Link: Re: Hmm... Discussions about eliminating kickoffs...

    What some would like to do is take the foot out of football. I love kickoffs, they may be the most violent of plays but they are also an exciting part of the game. Perhaps the best part, it gives...
  7. Re: Chad Kelly: "I'm the best QB in the Nation."

    Its not just Kelly flapping his gums. Another boasted about having our number at media days. Ole Miss is the biggest game on the schedule as far as I'm concerned.
  8. Link: Re: "Gehrig Dieter Already Making Big Impression At Alabama"

    I think he has a future in the NFL. As for the new guy, let's hope he is as good as advertised, competition will make everyone better.
  9. Link: Re: "Gehrig Dieter Already Making Big Impression At Alabama"

    Ardarius Stewart improved tremendously last season and will be even better this year. The guy may sub for him but I doubt he will take his spot.
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    Re: Alabama at SEC Media Days Today (7/13)

    Coach Saban knew what was coming. I have never seen him blindsided or caught off guard. The man is brilliant.
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    Re: Blake Barnett Gets Engaged

    That is beyond ridiculous. It is his life after all.
  12. Re: Breaking News: Penn State Will Remove Joe Paterno Statue

    Yep, the football program still runs the university.
  13. Re: Breaking News: Penn State Will Remove Joe Paterno Statue

    I'm glad they have Auburn on a future schedule and not us. The thought of that cult ever being welcomed to Bryant-Denny again makes me nauseous.
  14. Re: Canadian Woman Told By Gym Her Breasts Are Too Large

    I've seen more than that at the gym. That is relatively conservative.
  15. Re: UK muzzie taxi driver refuses fare because of guide dog

    Dogs offend muslims because they are lower than dogs.
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