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  1. Re: Current retirees could face a 23% reduction in social security benefits

    Which "fix" proposed by the democrats is your favorite?
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    Re: Comcast Rep is a total idiot

    Clark Howard, consumer advocate based in Atlanta, recently opined that Comcast has the worst customer service of any company in America.
  3. Re: Police officer pulls over 86 yr old man for speeding, ends up performing CPR

    Seems like the least he could do, after giving the old-timer a heart attack.:D
  4. Re: Boston's top cop says no one in Boston needs rifles or shotguns

    Joe Biden: “Buy a shotgun, buy a shotgun”
  5. Re: Oklahoma Running Back Joe Mixon allegedly Knocks out Female Victim

    First of all, go to great lengths not to PO Ronda Rousey. But, if you do, get outta there asap, before she kick your butt.
  6. Re: 80 yr old man shoots fleeing, unarmed pregnant burglar

    Pure BS.

    If an enemy has "given up" he surrenders. I'm not gonna let one "flee" back to cover so hecan more safely try to shoot me (or you), or flee back to regroup, get to more ammo, or...
  7. Re: 80 yr old man shoots fleeing, unarmed pregnant burglar

    I'm sorry, but you do not know what you are talking about.
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    Re: Obama claims tax "inversions" unpatriotic

    This is a real knee-slapper, too: "Obama says Americans don't get to pick which rules they follow and neither should companies."

    This from the President who routinely dictates what crimes his...
  9. Re: 80 yr old man shoots fleeing, unarmed pregnant burglar

    "In his taped interview with the station, he said the woman shouted, "Don't shoot me! I'm pregnant -- I'm going to have a baby."

    “I shot her anyway,” Greer said. “The lady didn’t run as fast as...
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    Re: Kenyon Drake Tweet

    Really glad to see an upbeat text from Kenyan. Hope he is getting his status in order.
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    Re: Latest new on Campus

    Maybe so. Right now I'm just hoping he can get the Oline playing up to par.
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    Re: Latest new on Campus


    Not sure what I think of this "Intel".

    Some of our backup RBs may have more issues than we've heard about, but I can't imagine the staff would "rather" play without them.

    And Kirby...
  13. Re: Michelle O declares war on Chick-Fil-A - school lunches that is

    It's the same old story... Take the money the federal government offers, you have to dance to their tune. Get hooked on the money and they become your master.
  14. Re: New Book Claims Texas Offered Coach Saban $100 Million

    I do not believe it.
  15. Link: Re: Golden Flake Sponsorship Of The Southeastern Conference Has Ended

    I saw Charlie struggle many a Sunday trying to get that bag of Golden Flake potato chips open and poured out so they could much a little. Coach Bryant would grab one then take a swallow of ice cold...
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