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  1. Re: Ebola 'Totally Out of Control,' Doctors Without Borders Says

    I think part of the fear is in not being able to trust our government to tell us the truth or to protect our borders from those who are simply walking in. Officials do not know who is bringing what...
  2. Re: It looks like the feds knew the immigration crisis was on us in January

    That would force some interesting changes.
  3. Re: This type customer service has become more and common in our area.

    This is too typical of many places of business here now. The sales associates know little, act imposed upon if you ask, and some refuse to even respond to a decent greeting. The entitlement society...
  4. Re: It looks like the feds knew the immigration crisis was on us in January
    It's the suite life for our little friends from south of the border"
    Nice, really...
  5. Re: Alabama Coal Miner Delivers Emotional Testimony at EPA Hearings

    $34 billion in new regulations to drop after mid-term elections.

    "The next time President...
  6. Re: Current retirees could face a 23% reduction in social security benefits

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    Re: QB battle dividing the team?

    I have never seen so many preseason criticisms of a team as I have this summer on Alabama. Either there are a lot of people concerned for Bama's well being or the team is going to be crazy good and...
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    Re: QB battle dividing the team?

    Thanks sip! This is the kind of thing that I come here for. I learn so much from you guys here with little to offer in return but my "Roll Tide!"
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    Link: Re: Girl struck By Plane On FL Beach Dies

    Terrible accident. Can't imagine the grief the family is feeling.
    Praying God will hold them up through this.
  10. Re: Ohio Sheriff bills Mexican Govt for housing illegals

    Some of the children. Many gang members are only 16 or 17 years old.
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    JessN: Re: 2014 Previews: Rating the Units

    Nice. Thanks Jess.
    I would add the rankings for coaching in the overall category. Then I like our chances even more.
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    Re: Rahm Wants Illegals To Be Sent To Chicago

    Will they be required to stay there?
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    Re: I got good news about my new job

    Congratulations! Keep up the obviously good work.
  14. Re: Micheal Bloomberg on immigration and the economy

    He is a liberal politician. Like most, he is adept at lying to push an agenda.
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    Re: Would appreciate some prayers

    You've got friends praying for you here. Sounds like you have a plan to get back on track and the time off may be just what you need. Hope it all helps.
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