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    Re: Poem from WVU board

    To the tune of Country Roads by John Denver:

    Almost relevant, West Virginia, new Big XII, bottom feeder
    There's no life there, nothing to live for, tried to give us RichRod, but we took Saban...
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    Re: Poem from WVU board

    I clicked the link, read the 1st verse and closed it. Read about the hula girl and went back. Found a mostly naked Asian man and closed it. Manned up, went back and zoomed past the naked man. ...
  3. Re: Who are you most looking forward to having a great year?

    RB D Henry. He looks like he could have a 2000+ kind of year. Now, along with those yards, he needs to excel at blitz protection and ball security. I think those are prerequisites for any of our...
  4. Re: Evolving the Option: The Pop Pass and the Future of Football

    Fat in the middle, fast on the edges. If you take away the inside run without committing more people and properly execute edge blitzes then you'll start hammering the QB. The QB in this type of...
  5. Re: West Virginia 3-3-5 Defense against Alabama

    This would be an excellent game to rotate 3 backs, runs some HUNH, and pound between the tackles 45-60 times. WVU would absolutely wilt in the 2nd half.
  6. Link: Re: Saturday Down South's 10 Best SEC RB's of the BCS Era

    I dunno the criteria used (beyond BCS era) but looking at this link, I might rearrange the list somewhat. I was surprised to see where Ken Darby was and had forgotten what a beast he seemed like he...
  7. News Article: Re: Selection Committee Ranking Protocol Released

    Colt McCoy.
  8. Re: No SEC Network for me today (Sunday 8/17/14)

    I watched almost nonstop Fri night-Sunday night. Wins and losses, I watched them all.
  9. Link: Re: Here's Week's 1 College Football TV Lineup Fro ESPN

    Good Lord.....just seeing the TV schedule has me salivating.......
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    Re: QB battle dividing the team?

    "Heard" could mean that the guy at Joe's Coffee Shop said something about this. That it was announced on Twitter virtually assures that this is the case.
  11. Re: Scarbinsky punks Stoops and backs Saban!

    Eh...."games that matter". Trust me, if Alabama had won that game CNS would have reminded every recruit he talked to that we were Sugar Bowl champs and especially any recruits that were also...
  12. Link: Re: Stoops tired of Bama's Sugar Bowl excuses.

    IMHO, this is really pretty simple. Alabama felt like their season was somewhat lost and didn't come into the OU game motivated and hungry. That's simple truth #1. As a result, OU throttled us and...
  13. Re: who's in charge of the helmet schedule?

    Yeah I print em off from FBS every year for myself and fellow office mates. I use Jing (free screenshot program) and crop them and print them off in color and we all post them at our desks. With a...
  14. News Article: Re: A look at Nick Saban's full schedule of live ESPN interviews at annual 'Car Wash'

    Its just business, ratings, and listeners. Coaches know that.
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    Re: Off Season Problems with Players

    Agree 100%. Just 10 years ago I used to have to wait until my drive home to get the major sports news of the day. Now it's at my fingertips 24/7. In order to fill that space, writers (if you want...
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