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    Re: Rough NFL start for Cyrus

    It's his first game.Give him a break.Do we really need a 3 page thread on the kids 1st pre season game?
  2. Re: Strong kicks ANOTHER player from the Whorns

    Auburn is going to have a field day with all these players to choose from.
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    Re: Opinions on the "New" Finebaum Show

    same crap
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    Re: 2015 NFL Draft for Alabama players

    Looking good guys!
  5. Re: This label the media is putting on our players is such a load of garbage!

    A lot of our players have turned out to be solid role players in the NFL at the very least.I just don't understand why we are looked at different from any other college team out there.No college team...
  6. This label the media is putting on our players is such a load of garbage!

    From Mel Kiper to Scott Van Pelt or whoever.Saying that our players don't produce at the next level and that NFL teams should be weary of "Bama guys" is the most rediculous and unfair thing i have...
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    Lee Roy Jordan and the '71 Cowboys

    I was watching the NFL Nework and they had on a documentary about the 1971 Cowboys called America's game.And surprisingly they didn't mention Lee Roy Jordan in it 1 time.Not one photo or even a piece...
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    Link: Re: Gene Chizik is not amused

    He's still wearing under armor!? What a clown.

    Edit:Yeah i think it's shopped.
  9. Re: Is it just me, or has news out of Spring Camp been Exceptionally sparse?

    I don't know about y'all but i'm ready to start whooping some arse and taking some names!
  10. Link: Re: A Corn Dog Truck Wrecked In Louisiana This Morning..LOL

    When i heard this on the radio today i busted out laughing for about 5 minutes.I was in a bad mood too.
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    And this is news why?
  12. Re: What Is Your Favorite Alabama Memorabilia?

    Your Bama room looks amazing 37bama.I unfortunately don't have one yet.I have most of my memorabilia in my home office.Here's a picture of some of it.Sorry about the picture quality i took them using...
  13. Re: What Is Your Favorite Alabama Memorabilia?

    Yes and i paid dearly.I was able to talk the seller down a little but not much.But it was well worth it.Easily my favorite card out of my collection.I also have a PSA collection of every Bama player...
  14. Re: What Is Your Favorite Alabama Memorabilia?

    Very nice card,my friend.Here are a few of mine..
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    Re: Get ready for another title run.

    I'm ready!
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