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  1. Re: West Virginia football fans having fun with Bama look alikes

    That was pretty funny, especially the tenpenny one. But the time for fun is over, I hope we open up a can on the hillbillies in the dome!!!

    ​ROLL TIDE!!!!!!
  2. Thread: Mobile app

    by bamaman2988

    Re: Mobile app

    Thanks for the info. Roll Tide!!
  3. Thread: Mobile app

    by bamaman2988

    Mobile app

    Does anyone know if there is a mobile app for tidefans?
  4. Re: It's that time again. Pick The Score: West Virginia vs. Alabama

    Bama 34

    W VA 14

    I also predict we will get a td from special teams, Christian Jones returns punt for td. Also see Landon Collins with a pick six! Offense struggles a bit with new qb but the...
  5. Question: Re: "find the money=suspension, but not until then" Why is media not challanging NCA

    It is really simple, the NCAA has become just as corrupt as the US government. The NCAA targets and punishes who it pleases, just like our good old government. But as a bama fan, I would like to see...
  6. Re: Alabama on SIís 2013 College Football Preview regional covers T J Featured on co

    It is an absolute dream to be a bama fan now. I am too young to remember the bear Bryant days, but I am enjoying the saban era! Never thought I would see Alabama at this level of dominance again....
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    2013 Main Event

    any poker fans on here? anyone got a pick for the 2013 main event? I would like to see phil ivey finally break through and win braclet. anybody have any thoughts?
  8. Re: Verne Lundquist trying to pronouce names of Bama's new OL

    hope they don't show AJ's girl, I think Verne would fall out of booth! Can hear him now,"Oh my goodness, Gary, do you think she could take Tracy's place?"
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    Re: Who Wins the East?

    would like to say SC and the ole ball coach, but I will have to go with, as verne says, "the gators of florida!"
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    Re: Pick 'Em contest

    just joined tidefans 2013. player number 35. thanks tm09. let us know if tidesports sets up a pickem this year!
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    Rivals Message Board is a joke

    Just checked out the rivals message board and saw ignorance at its very best. Some Ohio State fan was saying that Bamas schedule was just as easy as theirs. This kind of stupidity always amazes me....
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    Re: More Trash Tees from Notre Dame

    a word to the wise nd fans, ask miami hurricane fans where trash talking gets you! rtr:BigA:
  13. Re: AJ McCarron is apparently dating Miss Alabama, an Auburn alum

    nice aj, but how bout keeping your concentration on nd until after jan 7. two national championships are more impressive than just one:BigA:
  14. Re: 3 weeks from today: what are your early score predictions?

    alabama 34
    gold domes 20
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    Re: UGA's Jenkins ineligible for their bowl

    this is just another example of how mark richt has no control over his team. year after year, you see players having off the field issues, academic issues etc. richt can make all the excuses he...
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