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  1. Re: Appears to be More Issues within the Texas Athletic Department

    I wonder what the average salary of the assistant coaches is its over 100K per year. I can see the grad assistants getting free meals. But if you making that much to coach you can afford to buy ...
  2. Re: Speculation Confirmed: Barners Would Rather Witness a Win Against Bama than a NC!

    I got a big laugh of the Game Day Bunker they did as a simucast. Not showing the game but showing Coach Jack Crowe and Rob Pate's x barn player in a bar in Bham. Its on you tube and its better than...
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    Re: Roy Adams (aka TennStud) dead

    Well he went out watching Bama beat the Vols 8 in a row. I think Coach Bryant hung 10 in a row on them also. Its sad when a person with money and power uses it in destructive ways.
  4. Re: Bama must buck remarkable history to win SEC 2015

    Who has had the longest streak of repeat SEC football championships?
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    Re: 2015 SEC Media Preseason Predictions

    [QUOTE=WMack4Bama;2635187]How is that possible?[/QUOTE

    First of all is the Media. Have you taken a look lately at Al.Com and the writers that are the Bama beat writers. Its just internet junk. I...
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    Re: Doug Layton has passed away

    He was my eyes describing the plays and Bama in their Crimson jerseys when I was a kid. We we not on tv but 2 or 3 times a year back in the 70's.
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    Re: Loving the Alabama Take-Over of SEC Network

    I was living in LA in 1993, LA could care less about college football. I do recall reading this article at the time. Thanks for bringing back all the memories.

    Miami vs BAMA 92 Sugar Bowl...
  8. Thread: Finebaum.

    by bama2112

    Re: Finebaum.

    I would like for one of the callers that reads this blog ask him how many times he had a personal audience with Coach Bryant. I think it was only once if that. Finebaum doenst have any of his own...
  9. News Article: Re: Birth Control for 6th graders in Washingtion state without parents permission

    yes what did i make an error on.
  10. News Article: Birth Control for 6th graders in Washington state without parents permission

    I totally stay away from political crap on this site. But this touched a nerve.

    If you dont know what an IUD is google it and look at the description. This is not a place to describe it.
  11. Re: SEC football uniforms mashed up with rivals' colors

    Well the only image that would load is of a Barn player in our colors. Just shows me how ugly the orange and blue is. Still have a bad taste in my mouth.
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    Re: Diddy arrest for assault on UCLA coach

    He made a terroist threat also? What did he do threaten to take out the entire UCLA coaching staff. That is crazy, maybe he threaten to blow up all the rap music in the world. What a loss that...
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    Re: I love "my" College Football

    The good thing about the internet is we can at least watch some of the old bama games that we didnt have vcr or dcr to record them. I was hoping the SEC network was going to do more with some old...
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    Re: LSU starting qb arrested

    You notice it was in blue, I was just jerking your chain. You do know what the blue font means? It was all in good fun man..
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    Re: LSU starting qb arrested

    I thought we had a post no more post from LSU fan till further notice and its still a sticky.
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