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    Question: Re: Josh Crawford RB at Edgewood Academy

    He's a very good AISA player. Not knocking the kid at all, but he isn't an SEC caliber player.
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    Re: It appears Luke Del Rio is leaving

    Phillip SIms couldn't win the job at Virginia. That should answer your question.
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    Re: Kevin Steele will be Louisville DC

    Suddes makes perfect sense.
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    Re: *** 2013 Fall Camp Thread ***

    Any early word on Jai Miller? Is he a legitimate possibility to help in the secondary this year?
  5. Re: Darius Paige and Johnathon Cook Qualify; Robert Foster Update (Page 15)

    And just when I'm ready to celebrate, I see that Bozeman is reporting. Does that mean bad news on Foster???
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    Re: CB Marlon Humphrey Updates

    I would be absolutely SHOCKED if he isn't a part of this class. Actually, I would be shocked if he isn't a silent commit already...
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    Re: Rabbit Rush Package

    Two words: Denzel Duvall.
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    Re: Second scrimmage stats

    [QUOTE=BigEasyTider;2144859] And then you add to that the fact that all three of those games are either at a neutral site or one the road, and that's a fairly scary thought. QUOTE]

    Ole Miss is at...
  9. Re: Four Bama football players arrested - was progress of Eddie Williams & B. Callowa

    The thought that Coach Saban is or should be "held accountable" for this, in any way, shape or form, is the most ridiculous statement I have ever read. Ever.
  10. Re: Four Bama football players arrested - was progress of Eddie Williams & B. Callowa

    Definitely not his best course of action.
  11. Re: Four Bama football players arrested - was progress of Eddie Williams & B. Callowa

    It's simply using a stolen credit card. Class C felony, 1-10 by statute. Sounds like they strong armed someone, took their card and were dumb enough to use it.
  12. Re: Class Act by Shariff Floyd After Announcing He's Leaving Florida for the NFL

    Oh ok, you can't be classy unless you're an Alabama player. I get it now.
  13. Re: Scarbinsky reporting that the SEC is not going to suspend Dial..

    In other breaking news, the sun came up this morning and the world didn't end on 12/21/12. It's unreal how blown out of proportion Dial's BLOCK was. Good grief I'm ready for Monday night.
  14. Re: *** 2013 RB Altee Tenpenny Commits to Alabama *** (Update: Page 13)

    Tim Horton didn't leave Alabama, I don't understand your comment. Anyway, the tweet appears to be good news.
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    Re: Will ND go the hurry up offense route?

    I think they have gone no huddle at times during the year, and I fully expect them to at least attempt it at some point during the championship game. However, it doesn't concern me nearly as much as...
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