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  1. Re: Caption This "Selfie" Pic Of NCAA Coaches At Charity Golf Tourney

    Smile if Bama's kicked your butt!
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    Re: Nick Saban Impersonation Must See

    6/10 Good mannerisms,
  3. JessN: Re: Spring analysis: Seven big questions facing the 2014 team

    Wow. Thanks JessN. I needed that. A realistic review.
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    Re: UT fan's commercial

    I did not enlarge the video but, was Mike missing his top front teeth? Maybe a golf course accident caused Mike to have a vendetta against people owning golf clubs. To over come his rage, Mike buys...
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    Re: What CoachStallings had to say

    He looked and sounded pretty confident.
  6. JessN: Re: Auburn preview: Alabama finds unexpected roadblock on way to another title

    I agree with the Jag. Bama beats Auburn by three TDs.
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    Re: Caption this: Kouandjio

    Old Bull - Young Bull
  8. Re: College Football's Four-Letter Word: "Bama"

    Nice. I would have missed this at ESPN. Thanks for posting!
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    Re: Eddie Jackson Appreciation Thread

    EJ played a great game and showed great maturity and composure during his ejection. He looked much more mature than a 4 game freshman!
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    Re: Book of Manning

    Excellent documentary. ESPN did a great job in putting the story together.

    As my wife and I watched the show I reminisced about watching the 68 Bama-Ole Miss game on TV with my father who played...
  11. Re: Mack Brown Reassigns DC Manny Diaz; Greg Robinson in as DC

    I believe they will make a run at him. Heck who wouldn't. The question is, will they give him enough control of the program? He has the keys to the university, Tuscaloosa and the state here. So I am...
  12. Mack Brown Reassigns DC Manny Diaz; Greg Robinson in as DC

    Chip Brown a writer for Orange Bloods just tweeted :Mack Brown fired Manny Diaz as defensive coordinator, one day after Texas gave up 550 yds rushing to BYU.
  13. Re: Okie State O-Lineman: "SEC Defenses Aren't Very Well Conditioned"

    I has already picked MS to beat the line. Maybe straight up now.
  14. Is the 2012 BCS NCG Available on DVD in Blue ray?

    I need to do some house keeping on my DVR to be prepared for this coming season. I have found a version of Alabama-LSU BCS game on Amazon but it is not recommended. Does anyone know where I could get...
  15. Re: Herme Edwards motivational talks to the Crimson Tide

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