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  1. Re: Georgia Suspends Todd Gurley for NCAA Violations

    it's the auburn defense. lawyer up, deny, play him anyway, keep every bodies mouth shut except for the accuser and nothing will happen. the worst thing UGA did was suspend TG, because that makes him...
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    Re: ****Bama vs. TAMU - Postgame Thread****

    I guess he got to busy trying to trademark a nic name to bother with practice.
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    Game Thread I agree. Leave no doubt and run em out of the...

    I agree. Leave no doubt and run em out of the state. So much for Kenny "Trill"
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    Re: ****Bama vs. TAMU Pregame Thread****

    I think it depends on how the players come out mentally. The Freitag situation took a little attention away from the players and the outburst by coach took attention away from the players. If our...
  5. Re: Emphasizing recruiting - Is it gilding the lily?

    When was the last time Harvard had a number one draft pick in the NFL? I do not think most 4 and 5 star highschool football players are looking to intern at Google for the summer. and these kids...
  6. Re: What kind of quarterback does it take to succeed in Alabama's system?

    I still say wider oline splits could help that.
  7. Re: Gameplans against Texas A and M (Keep it Positive and clean)

    split the olinemen wider? Baylor does this and Nebraska did it back in the late 80's to mid 90's you can spread the dlinemen out a little more with that and it helps create natural run lanes
  8. Re: Kurt Freitag caught with 112 grams of marijuana and $4,600, but not arrested

    come on's not like he signed autographs, stole some crab legs or was accused of rape or anything...
  9. Re: Kurt Freitag caught with 112 grams of marijuana and $4,600, but not arrested

    or rape a co-ed...
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    Re: Why are we where we are?

    if I recall Bozeman is listed as a RT. if you think it is easy for someone to switch from RT to C it is not. now I know Barret Jones made it look very easy but he is the exception not the rule here....
  11. Re: ****Bama vs. Hogs Postgame Headache Thread****

    I feel ya bro. but the 2000 season should teach any Bama fan that they should never have that feeling again.
  12. Re: ****Bama vs. Hogs Postgame Headache Thread****

    Trey DePriest is not exactly fleet of foot....I don't like blitzing Trey on a delayed blitz at all. he is a great run stuffer of a LB but I think he needs to be two steps faster.
  13. Re: ****Bama vs. Hogs Postgame Headache Thread****

    except where it really matters.
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    Re: Coach Saban upset with high expectations

    not gonna win a championship every year bud. but, the thing I am most disappointed in with the arky game is the fact that it looked like most players were sleep walking on offense. the sideline...
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    Question: Re: Morale building...

    one on one film study with the cut ups of the individual player. especially along the oline right now. I'm not bashing the guys upfront I'd just point out a few things. foot work, not stepping...
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