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  1. Re: The Past, Present and Future of Alabama Football

    My Goodness...listen to the college football "experts"
    1 Auburn will be a serious NC contender...right
    2. Jeremy Johnson is a serious Heisman contender...right
    3. The Alabama Dynasty is...
  2. Re: Texas looking to "resolve AD's tenure" - update: AD Patterson fired

    They need to call Colt, quickly! None of this would have even happened if he hadn't gotten hurt.
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    Re: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly MTSU style

    Well, Joey was, and apparently still is, one of the elite, media darlings. The entire 1994 Citrus Bowl Run-up ( January 1995) was about his elite athletic abilities versus an obviously lacking...
  4. Re: Question About the Offensive Production of Ole Miss

    My thoughts...FWIW:
    - Kelly is an impressive QB/Athlete. Arm, legs, and brain. He will not be easy. He is an individual,but obviously, a leader.
    - Alabama will, most assuredly be the best defense...
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    Re: First post..from a UGA fan

    Welcome Roll Dawgs. You've definitely picked the right board. I've lived in Kathleen, GA (Houston County) for the last 14 years, and love everything except the long drive to Tuscaloosa. I'll miss the...
  6. Re: Alabama vs Wisconsin game called by Eli Gold

    Thanks very much. Great work!
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    Re: Tennessee or LSU

    Especially if you're into drunkeness, vulgarity and wanton destruction of property. There is a reason they are asked to refrain from posting on this board (except, of course, for LSU Freek.)
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    Question: Re: Hello, and now for my first question

    Hi Harmless...I think your insight is probably as good as anyone elses. My take is that all of the QBs are pretty good. Maybe not great this year, but who knows? A preseason assessment of college age...
  9. Link: Re: Saban Confirms Some Message Board Talk - Cyrus Might Play Some Offense

    Yeah, we need to send a committee to see CNS before kickoff on Saturday and have him explain his thinking on this. :wink:
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    Re: Official Joke Thread

    Depends on how many holes you've been pulled out of....:cool:
  11. Re: Les Miles went to the hospital Monday after drinking too much coffee

    He may be putting a bit of swamp juice in the coffee.
  12. Re: Kevin Norwood released by Seahawks

    Glad he's coming south. Seattle may be doing well under Pete but it's a coffee town, not a football town :biggrin:
  13. Re: What is everyone doing to contain your excitement for this weekend?

    Work...right...WORK??? Oh Sheesh...​gotta go now. Roll Tide!
  14. Re: UT Students Asked To Use Ze Gender Neutral Personal Pronouns

    Well, Zat could lead to Zis...
  15. Re: "cheating website" Ashley Madison hacked, users outed (DO NOT POST LIST OR LINK!)

    I guess Bama can be #1 in pretty much anything they commit to :rolleyes:
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