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    2 Texas A&M Tickets For Sale

  2. Re: If everyone could spare a thought or a prayer for my brother

    So sorry to hear. Best wishes to you and your family during this difficult time.
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    Question: Re: Who thought Sylve had an int?

    When I was at the game, I saw that too and could not understand how AU got the ball back. But, after watching the replay, I determined that what he was actually doing was motioning for the chain...
  4. Re: Calling customer service is a waste of time

    My personal favorite is after you tell them what you need, they waste your time and say, "I understand that you are calling in regard to...... Is that correct?"
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    Iowa Coach's son is cancer free

    If you remember back during the NCAA, the son if the Iowa coach had a tumor removed the day they lost to Tennessee. Then, a few days later, it was determined the tumor was malignant.

    Well, this...
  6. Re: Saban elaborates on his position on speed of play...

    Shortly after our loss to A&M in 2012, I heard him at a speaking engagement. He did not say that he was opposed to it, but he did say that it was really affecting officiating. He said that in life,...
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    Re: Vote for AJ McCarron for Heisman

    The vote took place before the Texas game
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    Re: BYE week thoughts

    This morning, they showed a clip of him in Tallahassee two years ago when he picked Oklahoma. He said it was a business decision.
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    Re: Who Is Making The Trip To Lexington?

    I was there on a Saturday afternoon in May last year, and while the complex was open (food court area, etc), the basketball arena was locked up tighter than Fort Knox. It may be different on a...
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    Question: Re: Re team itenary for away games

    While I do not know the specific arrival time, I can tell you that in my experience in watching the team bus arrive, it is usually in the neighborhood of two hours to two hours, fifteen minutes...
  11. Re: TJ's TD against Missouri most underrated POTY

    Mizzou's marketing people had a really clever deal: When it was announced that the play was being reviewed, an ad ran on the jumbotron saying that this official review was brought to you by the...
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    Incoming Players Visit Cancer Center

    Great to see our players giving back to the community:
  13. Link: Re: Sideline Reporters During Practice & The Risk They Present

    LMAO! I think when it comes to those halftime interviews, you watch 100 of them just to see the one where the coach says something crazy---like that or like Saban at Duke saying our defense isn't...
  14. Re: Looking at Alabama's Last Four Plays Against Texas A&M

    Yes, Ritter's crew worked that game. I know that I am in the minority, but I think his crew is one of the better crews in the SEC. His crew did miss the helmet to helmet on Lacy against A&M. And,...
  15. Re: Looking at Alabama's Last Four Plays Against Texas A&M

    Although I never saw an angle that clearly showed it was the wrong call, Greg McElroy's near interception by LSU in 2009 about midway through the 4th quarter that was ruled out of bounds was a very...
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