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    Game Thread Re: Official PreGame Thread - Bama vs. WVU...

    I feel like my post got misinterpreted..I meant fhuhuhu. I'm not a crazy person.

    Regardless, So stoked.
  2. Re: hypothetical: which win would mean the most to you?

    Can I say beating auburn.. 45-0? :D
  3. Thread: aTm @ USC

    by dWarriors88

    Game Thread Re: aTm @ USC

    Wait a minute, am I just now realizing that I won't be able to watch any SEC games hosted on SECN without paying for it? I have direct tv.. Am I gonna miss the whole Alabama season?
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    Re: Bama Practice Observations

    I think the SEC has an extra official on the field this year because of HUNH offenses. Sort of an experiment to see if it goes league wide next season. Sounds like officials are starting to get...
  5. Re: Where Do Y'all Think The Water On Earth Came From????

    I'm not trying to spark a debate about religion, or whether you are right or wrong. But you can't explain scientific processes with religion, just the same as you can't explain religion with science....
  6. Re: Where Do Y'all Think The Water On Earth Came From????

    Europa has 2-3 times more the volume of water than Earth. Where did that water come from? Some Exoplanets being discovered by the Kepler space probe are being found to be entirely composed of water,...
  7. Re: LB Darrell Williams Updates (Auburn Commit)

    Sick burn. Give him an auburn icon , BET! Lmao

    in regards to mr.williams, great measurables! 6-3 226lbs. Another monster for Coach Cochran! Isn't Hoover a proverbial pipeline for us? Can't recall...
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    Re: Early Lines for Week 1 Games of Interest

    I seemed to recall reading an article about how their defensive coordinator is upset with how they were practicing and how slowly they were coming along due to a slew of 'injuries'. If that is true,...
  9. Re: Who are you most looking forward to having a great year?

    Lane Kiffin, and Blake Sims!

    Blake me has been patiently waiting behind AJ for all these years, he has the comradery of the offense, and how epic would it be for that young man (and the rest of...
  10. Re: ****2014 Crown Jewel Countdown: #3 - OT, Cameron Robinson****

    This has got to be the fastest offensive lineman recruit I have ever seen. This guy makes the point of attack happen so quick and powerful, and just like that he's already at the second level. Wow....
  11. Re: SEC Coaches Describe Their Teams in One Word

    lmao I think Mark richt's "wow" was more of a woooooowww. Like a disappointing drawn out 'wow'
  12. Re: Key and Peele - The East West College Bowl

    I have a feeling Dan smith of BYU for the west is the QB...
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    Re: AJ May Not Make the Bengals' Roster

    Injuries kept him down. Never really had the opportunity. Which is a shame, he's the best QB out of the draft IMO
  14. The most/least penalized SEC teams over the last 5 seasons

    Discipline off the field seems to go hand and hand with discipline on the field.

  15. Link: View Post

    No, but I've been going back and forth with those idiots since the preseason poll came out. And then I come here to get away from the stupidity, and it's here too.. I have never seen such a large...
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