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  1. Re: UAB's Bill Clark: I'd "Love to play Alabama"......

    Notice the "If" that begins my post. I should have said "wanted" rather than "wants" to make it look less like I think he gives a rip.
  2. Re: UAB's Bill Clark: I'd "Love to play Alabama"......

    If he wants it off his back, he's got enough pull at Bama to make it happen. I say, if nothing else, we play them once just so they can't say we won't and so Saban can say he beat them. Then you...
  3. Re: UAB's Bill Clark: I'd "Love to play Alabama"......

    This this this this!!! Why not? If we're as big and bad as we say we are, why not play ANYONE at ANY TIME? We gain as much playing them as we do playing FAU or USM. It's no different. And if we...
  4. Re: Books That Will Never Be Written

    How to Beat Bama in the National Championship Game - Anyone
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    Re: Watching Bama in other states....

    Thanks for all the feedback. I will ask one (possibly dumb) question. If a Bama game is on CBS here in Alabama, is it necessarily on the CBS station in or around Philly? Last question, I promise. ...
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    Watching Bama in other states....

    I need some help. I've got in-laws in Pennsylvania who like to keep up with Bama football and someday I myself will probably live up there with them. I'm wondering how you would go about watching...
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    Re: Best Bama T-shirt I've seen in a while...

    What's on the front?
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    Re: Pick the Score: Colorado State vs. Alabama

    I think Saban respects CJM but he also knows what his team needs to build some confidence and get some backups some playing time. I think Saban goes out there and does what he can and CJM...
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    Link: Re: Phil Steele's 2013 Preseason All-SEC Teams

    Steele also had Duron Carter as 3rd team a couple years ago. Ooops.
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    Poll: Re: Who do you want to play in Pasadena in 2014?

    Yeah, I'm going with Ohio State. My dad is a big OSU fan and I kinda like them, but to send Urban Myer back into retirement would be awesome!!!
  11. Thread: Bama/Tennessee

    by BamaJ

    Re: Bama/Tennessee

    Wish I could watch. I'm at work. I haven't had a chance to see us play at all this year. Hopefully we'll get this thing turned around. Come on boys! Doesn't the football team and all the other...
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    Re: Pick the score: Alabama vs. Auburn

    Will be thinkin about UGA by the opening kickoff of the second half and resting starters.

    52-6 Bama
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    Re: Pick the Score: Alabama vs. Western Carolina

    Some folks need to realize we're still Bama. Even Bama loses from time to time. This should be easy and it's one of the few games I actually get to attend.

    Bama 54
    WCU 3
  14. Re: Sounds like sour grapes from Darrington Sentimore

    He left? When?
  15. Link: Re: Sara Evans to Sing National Anthem at Mizzou game Saturday

    Funny, in this article, it's not mentioned that she is Mrs. Jay Barker. Wonder what she'll wear. Barker jersey? Mizzou t-shirt? Or will she just dress up?
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