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    Re: Our B Game Beat their A Game

    Nick says that we didn't play our best. I'll go with what he says, so not our A game.
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    Re: Gary Patterson tees off on Baker Mayfield

    We'll stated sir. Too many entitled kids and over involved parents. Life is hard and the sooner that is learned the better off you are.

    The blessing is to play college football, especially at OUT,...
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    Re: Who Is Going To Dallas?

    Party of 6 headed out tomorrow. RTR!
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    Question: Re: Potential Staff Replacements

    Tough get from UF, but would love to get Geoff Collins back. Players love him and a great guy.
  5. Re: Auburn offense may debut a 'little package' for Iron Bowl

    Oh, they have always had a little package.

    ....but they have a big tv...
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    Re: Its BARN Week!

    When does the first article about the trees come out?
  7. Re: Misery Index: Ole Miss, A&M, Duke and etc.

    News flash from this article! Bad officiating affects the outcome of games.

    Sorry, but pardon me if I have little sympathy. Obviously the Duke game was a travesty and the MSU call was missed, but...
  8. Re: Analysis of First Playoff Poll

    I have to admit I am thoroughly enjoying all of the angst over our ranking. Admittedly it is way early and I think that if we were to win out we would be in, having the committee rank us now gives me...
  9. Re: The "Let's Complain About the Stadium Experience" Thread

    Last week made my 13th SEC stadium. I've seen the good the bad and the ugly over the last few years. I don't understand why we can't get replays and show live stats. Almost every other stadium shows...
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    Re: Duke Williams kicked off the team

    Interesting that it was announced today that Dampeer is out. This was a violent assault that should and in most places would result in criminal charges.

    Actually Auburn and Gus are complicit in...
  11. Re: The penalty on 74 for unsportsmanlike conduct was instigated by...Bret Bielema.

    I actually thought while at the game, that the penalty would be for their guys leaving the bench. I thought several were on the field jawing at Cam.

    Regardless it's low class, as were many of his...
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    Re: Official Post-Game Thread - Bama v. UGA...

    When can we finally stop hearing the " Mark Richt is a great guy" rhetoric? The facts say otherwise and have for a long time. Yesterday's displays of confronting our guys, dancing at midfield and...
  13. Link: Coach Saban on Feherty

    On the Golf Channel tonight at 8:00

    if you are not familiar, David Feherty is very entertaining. Should be a good show.
  14. Re: Tim Brando: Nick Saban Retiring to the Broadcast Booth Good for the Game

    Why is this in blue? you are absolutely correct.
  15. Re: Tim Brando: Nick Saban Retiring to the Broadcast Booth Good for the Game

    Many of the current crop of so called journalists and media members are either so intent of calling attention to themselves or so inept or both that they constantly reach for a story. One day Saban...
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