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  1. Re: Alabama freshman linebacker leaving program

    I remember reading how happy he was to join the program back in February. He had hired a trainer, added 20 pounds during the year in waiting. He must be very disappointed.
  2. Re: Robby Green working with Bama Players including Derrick Henry

    Cam looking very slim
  3. News Article: Re: Kerry: Air conditioners as big a threat as ISIS

    ~90% of Americans use air conditioning. So Kerry is really saying Americans represents as great a threat as ISIS.
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    Re: Can Trump Really Win the Presidency?

    Our electorate requires politicians lie.
  5. Thread: Bernie Sanders

    by Relayer

    Re: Bernie Sanders

    If he can last a few more years (doubtful) the Democrat party will become the Green party.
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    Anyone here have spinal fusion surgery?

    Background: I've had somewhat debilitating back pain for about 10 years. Typically, I can get around fairly well for short periods of time, but I can't jog for any distance, can't pick up my...
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    Re: LSU honors law enforcement

    I like.
  8. Re: Columbus, OH Police officer served glass filled sandwich

    Tip of the cap to Obama, the media, and Black Lives Matter.
  9. Re: Saban at ESPN on Tuesday for Coaches' Car Wash

    Le Batard. He was the most vile, the nastiest of the critics of Saban's exit from Miami. I'd like to see Saban punch him in the mouth, one day.
  10. Re: Breaking News: Multiple Police Officers shot in Louisiana (3 murdered)

    Lemon claims he can't condemn BLM because he is a journalist. I wonder if he would condemn the KKK.
  11. Re: Breaking News: Multiple Police Officers shot in Louisiana (3 murdered)

    My suspicion is that the murdered black officer was just "collateral damage" to the killer.
  12. Re: Vandy player convicted & sentenced to 15 years for rape

    Young blacks are taught TO HAVE that anger.
  13. Link: Re: "Gehrig Dieter Already Making Big Impression At Alabama"

    I would not have thought he would beat out either of those two, but if he can more power to him!
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    Re: Chad Kelly: "I'm the best QB in the Nation."

    He was asked the question. And he might just be right. I have no problem with him.
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    Re: How much do you guys pay for a hair cut?

    $12 after veteran discount, $3 tip.

    Barber is a big Bama fan, to boot.
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