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  1. Re: DA ops not to press charges on Cam and Hootie...

    Or maybe we give a Cam Newton type suspension. Suspend him today and let him come back to the team tomorrow. :D
  2. Link: Re: Verne Lundquist To Be Replaced By Brad Nessler

    After reading this, I think that Verne is retiring at the right time.:biggrin2:
  3. Re: Eddie Lacy now second best runningback on Packers team?

    Though playing basketball with Dane Cook must be tough, because he gets a lot of steals. ;)
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    Off season topic: Bring back the tie!

    Pat Dye approves of this thread.

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  5. Re: Baylor needs to hire some good lawyers

    Yahoo reports that the Waco police were complicit in burying the police report.

    Definitely a case of Seminoling here.
  6. Thread: Bama Hats

    by CrimsonChuck

    Bama Hats

    It's crazy that this thread is 9 years old in a couple months. And it was started almost exactly one month before Saban coached his first Bama game.

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    Re: Kevin Turner Passed

    RIP. It's crazy that I was on campus the same time he was and he has already passed.
  8. Link: Roman Harper puts his Charlotte apartment on Airbhb for Superbowl week

    If any of you have $5000 per night and are in Charlotte, you can rent out Roman Harper's apartment for the week. :biggrin2:
  9. Re: Brett McMurphy Confirms Yesterday's Internet Chatter: Chip Kelly Met with Bama St

    However, that it exactly how Kiffin was brought here. He was a consultant and then he was suddenly our offensive coordinator. It may be that Saban is checking him out expecting Lane to leave.
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    News Article: Re: Peyton Manning Accused of Using PEDs

    I know. Can you say Bryant vs. Saturday Evening Post anyone?

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    Re: Best Verne and Gary meme EVER.

    Another great Steve Harvey meme that someone posted.
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    Re: Who is your Sportsman of the Year?

    For me, it is an open and shut case.
  13. Link: Re: An Open Letter to the CFP Committee from an Ohio State Fan in Need of A&D Ointmen

    Thanks for posting. I needed a good laugh today.
  14. Heisman finalists announced (HENRY WINS THE HEISMAN!)

    Just saw that the Heisman finalists will be announced on the 6pm Eastern Sportscenter tonight on ESPN2. The talking heads were pushing McCaffrey which made me sick to my stomach.

    He is a fine...
  15. Re: Can Bama jump Clemson and be No. 1 in final rankings?

    This is why I keep saying that there should be no seeds. Or at least let the committee switch the seeds for geographical regions. Both Alabama and Clemson would prefer Miami. Oklahoma, Iowa, and...
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