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  1. Re: Dem. delegate arrested for attempted murder of her husband

    This article must be wrong. It says she's a democrat AND fired a gun.
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    Re: Trump or Hillary...and why?

    I agree. It's very disappointing and somewhat frightening that in a nation of 300 million plus people, this is what has been presented to us as our presidential candidates. I get tired of the "if...
  3. Link: Re: Yikes: Texas Man Caught on Camera Falling Off Water Slide onto Rocky Cliff

    That's racist. #waterslidelivesmatter
  4. Question: Re: From a Clemson fan- "Do y'all think Dabo is the real deal?"

    I think this upcoming season will tell us a lot about him. It's one thing to make it to the top (or 2nd from the top) once. To sustain that kind of success is the real challenge.
  5. Re: Canadian Woman Told By Gym Her Breasts Are Too Large

    If it was just the top that made them feel uncomfortable she could just remove it and keep working out. I wouldn't complain.
  6. Re: Spoiled college interns get boot after "protesting" dress code

    The article didn't say whether or not the business provided these kiddies a safe zone they could run to.
  7. Re: Hillary Crashes The Party At NYC Gay Pride Parade

    Well duh...why would he be there. These girls are not exactly his type.
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    Re: Alabama Nominated for Three ESPY Awards

    I don't like fluke, or chance plays as a "play of the year"...lot of luck involved. I actually like OT 4th and 25 play in the ARK/Ole Miss game. While there was a little luck in the pitch back to...
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    Re: What Gun Reform would you suggest?

    Not sure if this stat page has been posted yet or not...I didn't see it anywhere. I found this interesting. If we're going to ban something based on historical killings, before we eliminate...
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    Re: Can Trump Really Win the Presidency?

    Sure. We should also prosecute alcohol distillers and car manufacturers if someone gets drunk, has an accident and kills someone. While we're at it, let's also go after the asphalt company that...
  11. Re: Suspected Islamic Terrorist Slaughters 49 at Orlando Gay Nightclub

    Replace the bold text with media and politicians.
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    Re: Can Trump Really Win the Presidency?

    Ummm..."Make America Great Again". That's all I need to hear. If you need more than that then you're just asking for too much.
  13. Re: Universe expanding 9% faster than we thought.

    Ahhh...bigger yard...more grass to mow...leads to more jobs. Employment growth!
  14. Re: Universe expanding 9% faster than we thought.

    Is this Bush's fault?
  15. Link: Re: Police: 13-Year-Old Boy Impregnates 24-Year-Old English Teacher

    What if he told her he "identified" as a 21 year old? Wouldn't that make everything legal? Seriously, with what folks are now allowed/encouraged to "identify" as, how could anyone argue against...
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