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  1. Link: Re: Elijah Hood Flushes Alabama Recruiting Letters

    I hope coach Saban can convince that bunch to play us in the next 4 years
  2. Link: Re: Schlabach: With a clearer path to perfection, Ohio State overtakes Alabama at No.

    It ain't where you start it's where you finish
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    Re: Mal Moore passes

    God bless Mal's family. He is in a better place...
  4. Re: Chances of Mario Cristobal succeeding Saban?

    If I said what I wanted about this question I would be put on timeout...
  5. Re: NCAA Tries To Keep Broncos From Wearing All-Blue Uniforms..SIAP

    I fully agree with that - that is one butt ugly field...
  6. Re: Spencer Tillman: "Saban and Alabama Scared to Death of Texas A& M"

    Exactly my thoughts
  7. Re: Brady Barking Alabama in his snap count

    Where is the youtube clip?
  8. Re: Kirby Smart Reportedly Interviewing With Philadelphia Eagles

  9. Re: Kirby Smart Reportedly Interviewing With Philadelphia Eagles

    I guess that's why the barns coach goes to the barn, leaves the bran, and then goes back to the barn, can't do any better...
  10. Re: Did the Crison Tide pull the string too early on some recruits?

    word up
  11. Re: The "Stare Down" Was A Huge ND Pre-Game Mistake In My Opinion

    They never have been very smart
  12. Re: An extra perk from last nights game, the boogs are now living in a virtual

    Roll Tide my friend
  13. Question: Re: Bama Fans Around Boot Key Harbor, Marathon, Florida?

    If I was still in Big Pine we could hook up, but I am in Jacksonville now
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    Link: Re: New Recruiting Tactic: Babysitter Needed

    The young man does not know if he needs to wash or hang out right now.
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    Link: Re: Mal Moore on Nick Saban

    It has to be hard for a head coach in the NFL to coach players that are making ten times what the coach is making and the players don't like being told what to do. That does not happen in college,...
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