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    Re: New forum poster - Hello all

    Roll Tide and Welcome Home!
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    Re: One Hell of a Day!!

    Tickets eh? Then how about Tide Pride?
  3. Re: Walk-On Florida LB Stops Sexual Assault Outside of Gainesville Bar

    My hat is off to this young man. It's always good to see young people with a spine and good morals.
  4. Link: Re: USC's Jackson Wants to Shadow Alabama's Ridley in Opener

    You might get lucky and they have inflight internet service......
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    Re: What game are you (re)watching?

    All of them except the Ole Miss game from last year....... still a little sensitive
  6. Re: On This 4th of July Name Your 4 Favorite Things About Bama Football

    1. Winning
    2. Game day Saturday on campus
    3. Pride
    4. The cigar after a win especially after beating the Rocky Toppers!!!!!

    Roll Tide Y'all!!!!
  7. Re: defense secretary ends pentagon's ban on transgendered troops

    An actual e-mail I received a few weeks ago from the Air Force base where I work:

    Good Morning Team ****,

    The LGBT Pride Special Observance Committee is looking for lesbian, gay,
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    Re: Alabama Nominated for Three ESPY Awards

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    Re: What Gun Reform would you suggest?

    Hummmm the government says that background checks are not sufficient for gun control but, back ground checks for foreign immigrants are safe and let them move on in.......
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    Poll: Re: To readmit LSU Fans to posting privileges...

    Chukker I too remember the times of which you speak, I was a member of Tiger Droppings and some of their members would come here try to tell us how this board should be run, post negatively and then...
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    Re: Hello Tide Fans, I come in peace

    Welcome WSIV, This is a quality board and I'm sure you'll be given much better treatment here than I did on Tiger Droppings. I was treated pretty bad there but, I don't hold it against any...
  12. Link: Re: Profile of Robert Nkemdiche During Draft Process

    Quote Originally Posted by Intl.Aperture View Post
    I'm not so sure about this phrase, though. Seems like something a parent would say about their ADHD kid who's currently wiping his butt on the...
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    Re: Old member with new access

    Roll Tide mister!!
  14. Re: Hawaii football travels to Australia, Michigan and Arizona within 2016's first 22

    Took the family to the last Francione game loved the trip and have been there 5 times, it is a beautiful island, however there is this condition known as "Island fever" I've known several Air Force...
  15. Link: Re: Colt McCoy discusses getting hurt in Alabama NC game

    This has been my contention all along, I think we'd have beaten them worse if Colt had stayed in because that's who our D had practiced for. I did enjoy the read, it sounded like he's come to grips...
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