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  1. News Article: Re: Why Baylor, Notre Dame and others must change scheduling in CFB playoff era

    Alabama is the best program in the best conference and has earned special consideration.
  2. Re: What's your thoughts on Alabama Running backs from the game against CSU?

    Harris has got to learn to pass block or he will soon be behind Bo.
  3. Re: The Iron Bowl Myth: A Great Rivalry Any Team Can Win

    !984 was an upset.
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    Re: The Citadel Upsets SC

    Steve should be ashamed of himself for bailing on those players.
  5. Link: Re: 'Big 10/SEC' interleague play per bret bielema

    So we would end up playing Ohio St. or Michigan every year on top of our SEC schedule that is already handicapped with opponent bye weeks, No Thanks.
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    Re: Bo or Damien?

    Bo has a huge upside. Damien hasn't shown much in his few carries.
  7. Re: Mississippi State Superfan 'Stingray' Quits Due To Alabama Fans

    He puts himself out there so it comes with the territory.
  8. Re: Charleston Southern wins 2015 Big South

    Means they're a big cupcake on a little pan.
  9. Re: The Race for the SEC West Divisiom Title

    The home field, the refs, the traffic blockade, hotel harassers, bus rockers, you name it.
  10. Re: Eddie Lacy now second best runningback on Packers team?

    When the team isn't doing as well as expected, NFL coaches find a scapegoat.
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    Re: Mars' Moon Phobos is doomed

    It's interesting that our moon is pulling away.
  12. Re: Finebaum wouldn't be suprised Saban leaves if he wins it all this year

    Coach Saban is chasing history. He has 4 titles and if he wins this year that makes 5 while Coach Bryant had 6. Does anyone really believe Saban would just walk away without giving a chance to be...
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    Link: Re: LSU and Alabama are no longer rivals

    I think it's rubbish. LSU is the one team in the west where we had better be on top of our game because they play the same brand of physical football we do. There is no smoke and mirrors when we play...
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    Re: First Playoff Poll Released (predictions - first 5 pages; analysis - page 6 - ???

    I still want Baylor in the first round.
  15. Re: aTm player tweets photo of severely injured AU DB

    Not defending him but was it not in response of an Auburn player's tweet?
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