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    Re: Is Hillary A Lock?

    That was my point, even so still less ties.
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    Re: Is Hillary A Lock?

    It probably has less ties to scum as well.
  3. Re: Police officer in South Carolina shoots man in the back 8 times.

    Just one more reason I pay mine early!!
  4. Re: Kentucky player calls Wisconsin player the "N" word

    Get over it. I was told by a judge, during my first divorce, that adult white males could NOT be discriminated against because we are the majority!!
  5. Re: Welcome to Bama Nation, Coach Avery Johnson!

    Welcome and Roll Tide Coach Johnson!
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    Re: A Personal Update

    You do look much healthier. I wish you well, having gone through the divorce thing before it is a rough time but the other side can be very bright!
  7. Re: Lies My Teacher Told Me: The True History of the War for Southern Independence

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    Re: Wealth inequality in America

    We exported all those jobs. The government would rather care for us.......yeah right
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    Link: Re: Ted Cruz websites

    If you like a lower median income and increased taxes it's a utopia.
  10. Question: Re: Sequestration - the fear of cuts in military spending

    Like button figuratively clicked!
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    Re: Could Tebow make a return to the NFL?

    I think he could as a defensive player NOT a QB
  12. Re: Detroit City councilwoman says white america owes $707B to each black american

    At about 5:45 she says 2/3, that's 50%. After that her math is forever in doubt! What a dope.
  13. Re: Article: Immigration and the Health of a Nation

    According to my beliefs we are all worth the same amount as Christ died for us all. This life is but a journey into eternity. Like you I believe we should do the best we can to emulate Christ, and...
  14. Re: Illegal man downfield rule getting some resistance from some coaches.

    Thanks for the knowledge! It works!
  15. Re: Article: Immigration and the Health of a Nation

    I don't think Sodom was destroyed for not allowing illegal aliens in, rather they were trying to force them to have sex with them. Or am I missing something? My idea of the love that the Bible...
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