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    Re: Georgia Set To Execute Woman

    More info.

    Why not commute the sentence to life without parole?
  2. Re: Would you Hire Jesus to be the CEO of your company?

  3. Link: Re: NASA To Reveal 'Mars Mystery Solved' Monday

    I hope it's something like the face and the lizard are real. But it will probably be something like they have found a teeny tiny microbe that used to be alive 47 gazillion years ago! :eek:
  4. Re: Another HS Football Official assaulted in Texas

    Lay off the steroids? Felony in Alabama to assault a game official or coach.
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    Re: What are you reading right now (II)?

    Hey Bodhi, why don't you finish one book before you start another? You know you're supposed to read the pages inside and not just the flyleaf synopsis? :)

    I just finished several Joe Pickett...
  6. Re: Question About the Offensive Production of Ole Miss

    Watched part of the Ole Miss game yesterday. The have very good athletes with very good speed. Kelly did well at QB. A Better Bo. They are the first team in conference history to score more than...
  7. Re: ***Official Presidential Nomination Withdrawal Thread*****

    Rick looked good in his glasses!
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    Re: The Death Of Expertise

    Pretty good reading there. That's my expert opinion! :)
  9. News Article: Re: Judy Carne, the 'sock-it-to-me' girl of the 1970s, has died

    Man Yeah. Sensuous and sinuous.:eek2:
  10. News Article: Re: Kentucky Clerk Is Due In Federal Court For Contempt Hearing

    Are you sure of that?
  11. Re: Paper; Global Warming "The Biggest Science Scandal Ever"

    My apologies then for my mistaken inferences from your post above. #280.
  12. Re: Paper; Global Warming "The Biggest Science Scandal Ever"

    Tyson's education.

    PhD: Astrophysics, May 1991
    Columbia University, New York City
    Research area: Galactic Bulge - chemical evolution, abundances, and structure
    Advisor: Prof. R. Michael Rich...
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    Re: Yet Another Black Teenager Killed by Police

    I'm still here Cajun. :) Didn't need a medical degree to know the victim was high as kite. Death not necessary.
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    Link: Re: Trent's gone per Scout

    There is some kind of problem with Trent. Mental, physical or he just doesn't want to play pro ball. He was a great player at Alabama and no one can take that away from him.
  15. Re: Denver discriminates against chick fila based on Christian beliefs

    I watch Judge Judy and Perry Mason was a favorite years ago. Plus I've read all the John Grisham novels!:wink: Supreme Court here I come!
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