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  1. Link: Re: Is Georgia Football Caught Between Winning and Winning Right?

    I never understood why Spurrier always had his number, even while at USCe. And of course UF or always 1 team he had no business losing too.

    Richt will throw a kid out while Saban will sit him...
  2. Link: Re: Is Georgia Football Caught Between Winning and Winning Right?

    I do think UGA and Richt try harder than most to hold players accountable. It's got to be painful to see players you dismissed for behavioral issues help a rival team in your own conference become...
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    Re: goobeR arrested again

    Poor goobeR. He's so misunderstood.
  4. Link: Re: Nick Saban thinks 20 percent of college football fans are 'bad fans'

    Only if you have gray as part of your user name.;)
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    Re: Butch Jones wins everyday but Saturday

    After they threw away the win against Oklahoma, I though they'd learned their lesson.

    Tennessee just doesn't know how to win anymore. I am really enjoying their season so far. If only Phat Phill...
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    Re: Texas just never changes, do they?

    It could be payback from the last game UTx played against A&M. Talk about home field cooking. A&M didn't stand a chance against the refs in their last game against UTx.
  7. Link: Re: Auburn's QB Sean White has the " Brady factor".

    I know it's all in fun but you may be writing this kid off to quick. Malzahn had to start Johnson for team moral. He now has made it much easier for White to win the locker room and team with average...
  8. Re: Totally On Target Sports Illustrated Analysis Of The Ole Miss "Lucky Touchdown"

    That play looked like it was just a good read by the QB. It's only recently been called "the pop pass". In years past it was more of a desperation throw or a typical run throw option for the QB...
  9. Re: So, linemen downfield... something has to change!

    It would have been very easy to say "after further review the play has been confirmed as an illegal play".

    It was not the only reason we lost. That much is for sure.
  10. Link: Re: NFL Network Asks 5 NFL Executives "Who's Most Talented Player in UM/UA Game?

    I didn't know Tunsil was that highly thought of by scouts. No wonder agents were showering him with gifts. These back-door agents can ruin a program without hardly any repercussions.
  11. Re: Question About the Offensive Production of Ole Miss

    I wish I had this same feeling.

    Ole miss has as good of an 11 man team on each side of the ball as any. Kelly looks very good. Our Oline and DBs will be tested along with our game plan. It's a...
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    Re: Ten last-minute thoughts...

    I have thought whoever comes after Saban may need to be a scapegoat. I really don't want to touch that subject at this time.
  13. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    Evans is a favorite of mine so I hope all is OK.


    I really like this Earl.:)
  14. Re: Fall Practice Updates (Practice reports, Interviews, and Scrimmage Notes)

    I agree 100% with this viewpoint.
  15. Re: Jonathan Cook Enrolls at Garden City Community College, Hopes Alabama Rival C...

    Thanks for clarifying . At first I thought you were discussing this years team.
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