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    Re: Oklahoma goes the multi-uniform route.

    The styles are somewhat similar but they look very different. Penn State took a minimalist approach to the collar on their jersey. It doesn't distract from the overall look. It looks like v-neck...
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    A few things revealed today that lead me to think this was not an accident and probably planned by both parents.

    When he received the group text from the day care, didn't it trigger him to...
  3. Link: Re: Big Mouth Spurrier carries it a bit further...

    This difference is that Saban has a couple of rings without Clowney.
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    Re: Ticket availability

    No, I received an email for additional tickets to the A&M and Miss St. games.
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    Re: Bama Chrome

    That is a very nice looking helmet. While I love our traditional uniforms, I wouldn't be opposed to it if the team wore one like that once a year. The players would probably love it.
  6. Re: Derrick Henry has created quite the buzz with his new car picture on instagram

    You must not have been to any high school parking lot recently. The lots where the students park typically have nicer cars in them than the teachers' lot.

    Many parents, black, white and other...
  7. Re: Undrafted: List of Players of Note signing UDFA deals

    This may have been addressed somewhere but why wasn't Kenny Bell listed as a draft prospect?
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    Re: Who is going to the A-Day Game?

    Arrived in T-town last night.
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    Game Thread Re: Game 1: UK @ Bama

    1999 against Southern Miss.
  10. Re: Dabo says he played with gay players while at Bama, thoughts?

    This was my thought when I read the article.

    Based on how generic the question was that was presented to him, it would have been better if he had left off the part about him and others believing...
  11. Re: Rules Ctne recommends 10 second substitution window

    The article said that the committee found that most teams running the HUNH offense did not snap the ball with 30 seconds remining on the play clock. This rule is trying to offset the the advantage...
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    Re: In need of gameday shakers

    How many do you need? I have several but they are squiggly from use instead of straight like they were new.

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  13. Re: ESPN Poll asks if Alabama is most over-analyzed team

    Then, why the obsession with the Cowboys?
  14. Re: Whats with all the negative AJ comments lately?

    This is the impression that I got, too.

    My thought during the Iron Bowl was that several of the veteran players did not play with the poise that you would expect from those that had been in the...
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    Re: more "Winter Weather" coming

    Add the City of Chattanooga and the State of Tennessee to the list. The high yesterday was 19 degrees. Off and on over the past two weeks the temp has been in the single digits and the teens. Due...
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