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    Game Thread Re: Ole Miss at Florida

    Well, this has just been a fun day all around. First, Manchester City beat Newcastle 6-1 with Sergio Aguero scoring 5 goals in a 20 minute span. Second, the Tide took Georgia to the woodshed with a...
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    Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, ULM style:

    The Good: Awesome D (yes, I know it was ULM), good future with Fr Secondary (.... and I agree about the head turning - not there yet).
    The Bad: Coker's inability to go to 2nd & 3rd reads and...
  3. Re: I was really impressed with Ronnie Harrison today

    He was very impressive as was Minkah. I think we are going to be OK in the future with the secondary which has been a bit iffy the last couple of years. Add to these two Humphrey & Brown, and I...
  4. Re: *** 2017 S Xavier McKinney (Roswell, GA) Commits to Bama ***

    Welcome to the Tide -- no time to relax though, gotta get qualified.
  5. Re: *** 2017 4* RB Cam Akers (Clinton, MS) Commits ***

    So I'm sure Hugh Frozen won't take too long to get the boosters lined up to try and snag him away from the Tide -- by whatever means he deems appropriate. Just ignore them Cam and come to Running...
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    Re: Getting to know you all.

    Welcome. I'm always interested in listening to the fans of other teams. OSU is a very good team and others before me have mentioned your HC is not well liked in the SEC -- Coach Saban even sent him...
  7. Link: Re: Tuscaloosa-Hillcrest Running Back Brian Robinson Put On A Record-Breaking Show

    Got to like the kid's attitude. He thanked his linemen for blocking for him to help him run nearly 500 yards. That sounds like a Bama RB.
  8. Re: An Honest Question About DB Play For Those Who KNow

    Trying not to peer through crimson glasses, I think we need to remember the secondary is mostly young with little or no real game experience. Yes, there were some broken assignments, not looking...
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    Re: Barrett Jones cut by Rams

    If Barrett Jones does not get picked up by another team, he will be fine. He has a Master's in Accounting and will probably breeze through the CPA exam. He will do just fine with or without...
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    Re: Help With a Prize I Won in a Raffle

    The one that you think begins with an R with #11, I think is Julio Jones who is #11 for the Falcons.
  11. Thread: Auburn joke


    Re: Auburn joke

    What is the difference between a porcupine and Neyland Stadium? A porcupine has 100,000 p....s (as in quills) on the outside.
  12. Re: Link: Let The Battle Begin: David Cornwell (speaks very highly of his progress)

    I seem to remember the last RFF to start by the name of McCarron and he did OK! It's a mistake to overlook someone because they are young. Thankfully, Coach Saban, looks at ability rather than age....
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    Prayers for chattanooga

    My town got hit last Thursday by a young man who had his life before him but chose the road of radicalism and killed 5 unarmed service members. He was sent by his family to Jordan to get away from...
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    Link: Re: Cowherd gone from ESPN

    Now, if we can just get rid of father-son duo in that ridiculous show in the early evening - Si or nay -- or something like that. Incredibly miserable television.
  15. Link: Re: FSU RB Dalvin Cook Under Investigation for Battery

    So what is it about FSU players. Did they take a boxing class last semester and are now putting what they learned into practice? Don't care if the woman mouthed off to them, it is never OK to...
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