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  1. Re: OLB Adonis Thomas Commits to Florida
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    Re: Question about Tennessee Defense

    I would be shocked if they don't play AC tight at the LOS. Only the poorly coached teams have allowed us to throw numerous bubble screens out to AC all game by playing their CBs 10 yards off the LOS....
  3. Re: Joe Tessitore on Finebaum Praises Alabama's Defensive Line

    I wish more current players and recruits would understand that immediate PT isn't always the best thing. RR, after really only playing one year, will have the choice to turn pro. He has preserved his...
  4. Re: What happens if there is a three way tie in the west?

    If Bama and OM both have one loss wouldn't they go ahead of us because of head-to-head?
  5. Re: Texas to pay all scholarship athletes $10K

    I understand. My premise is players shouldn't be paid. I used Darren Rovells tweet in my OP in this thread to back up my point. I'm not saying I'm right or there is a right answer - it's just my...
  6. Re: Texas to pay all scholarship athletes $10K

    No. The basketball and football programs at Texas pay for all the other sports..
  7. Re: Texas to pay all scholarship athletes $10K

    This is why this is a horrible idea. But we are in the "everybody gets a trophy society"...
  8. Re: Scenarios for the SEC to get two teams in four team playoff.

    Of course. Nothing is certain and no team is insured anything. We are just opining about potential situations..
  9. Re: Colin Cowherd keeps prediction that UT beats Bama

    As soon as people realize the shows like Cowherd and Finebaum are more for entertainment than anything else then folks will stop getting so riled up about this stuff. The interviews they do are...
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    Re: Ragland's Interception

    We would be in great shape if our DBs could catch like that..
  11. Link: Re: Alabama In The Running For Best Class In 247Sports History
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    Re: Blake present and Blake future...

    How does everyone see the QB competition next year playing out with Cornwell, Bateman, Morris, Coker, and Barnett? To early to tell?
  13. News Article: Re: Bama Vegas Favorite to win NC- 6 to 1 and Barn 12-1
  14. Re: 2014 NCAA Playoff-Can they keep Alabama out now?

    I'm starting to warm up to the idea of an 8 team playoff with 5 conference champions and 3 at large teams. Just go to 10 game season with 8 conference games and 2 games against other power conference...
  15. Re: TAMU Game...Are you more impressed with Bama's Offense or Defense

    The offensive performance was impressive but....the few teams we have played that have a good/great (OM and Arky and somewhat WVU bit that was the first game so) defense we have struggled mightily on...
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