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  1. Link: Re: Greg McElroy on his SEC Network role, being critical of Alabama

    None of us agree on everything...opinions are just opinions...everyone has one and I want to hear what he thinks. He'll do well.
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    Re: Changing the Extra Point

    Leave the PAT alone. Now and then PAT's are missed and it often affects the outcome of the game.
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    Re: Grey uniforms

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    Re: Grey uniforms

    What's the one word that best describes any team that is depending on a change in uniform to create a little excitement? "LOSER".
  5. Re: LSU vs Texas A&M - Who does Bama want to see win?

    I want to see them both lose.
  6. Re: *** DE/Jack Da'Shawn Hand Commits to Alabama ***

    Fantastic news!!!! Welcome to the Bama Nation Da'Shawn!!!!!!!!!
  7. Re: Oregon vs. Tennessee, who do you pull for?

    SEC vs any other to pull for the SEC.
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    Re: Pick the score: Texas A&M vs. Alabama

    Bama 45
    TAMU 24
  9. Re: Who will admit to listening to Finebaum and what did you think?

    I can only take Finebaum in very small doses! Many of his caustic comments about coaches and players are too personal in nature for me and most of his regular callers are idiots and only reinforce...
  10. Traveling to College Station without Tickets

    I've had my room booked at the Hilton College Station & Conference Center since January. Still hoping to buy 2 tickets to the game on the 14th but even if I don't have the tickets in-hand I'm...
  11. Re: AJ's a lucky guy - Katherine Webb on

    Wow! Sure beats an imaginary girlfriend.
  12. Link: Re: Just when I thought a group of fans couldn't get any sorrier...

    And the beatings will continue............................
  13. Re: Deadspin is saying Te'o's girlfriend's death was a hoax created for publicity

    Very hard to believe that a hoax like this could live as long as it has....Supported by a sympathetic media apparently anything is possible.
  14. Re: One last thing about the game in Miami....

    I searched around the stadum outside and inside for a program before and after the game but could not find one. What's up with that? Does anyone know if you can still order a program?
  15. Link: Re: 2013 BCSNCG Gigapixel panorama with infinite zoom

    Amazing technology!
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