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  1. Re: Official "What Ohio State fans are saying about the matchup" thread

    safeties playing fine. Those deep ball problems are a product of the targeting rule. Sabans d cinceeds the deep pass if their wr's can get open. Before the targeting rule we'd just tee off on those...
  2. Re: 3 Bama Players named Finalists for Season Awards (so far)

    Jk Scott is highly likely to win. Collins has a better chance then you're giving him. The Thorpe is hard to predict at times
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    Despite being a weak link our secondary is one of...

    Despite being a weak link our secondary is one of the best in the country. Go figure. I've never understood why our fans or opposing fans rag on the dbs.

    The system opens itself up for issues at...
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    Re: Week 4 CFP poll released

    Absolutely no way two sec teams get in. This show me for certain the "committee" is just playing this week to week based on what makes a good story with no intent at all to make it count in the end....
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    Re: Gus responds to UF job rumors.

    I don't see Gus leaving. It feels lateral at best given what he has at au. I do see will muschamp as a leading replacement for au's d coordinator
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    Re: JK Scott

    If he closes out the season like he's doing now. He wins the ray guy award easy.
  7. Re: BET, Or Anybody, Concerning The Changes At Florida.....

    If if knocks the hire out of the park, not much. But there's a good chance we might b able to make up some ground on a few guys now. I would also say to watch where muschamp ends up. He'll likely b a...
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    Re: A Complaint About the Band

    As a former member of the band. Kindly cram it. They work hard and play when the athletic department rep tells them to.
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    Re: CFP Poll is out (week 3 @ post 208)

    Win and we get in. That's the way it's been for weeks now. It's not disrespect. It's political, clearly, and it keeps the big 12 happy but but next week either bama or msu is still in, the other is...
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    Re: What's wrong with the offensive line?

    it's not talent. Talent is fine and actually one of our most talented units. The issue here, IMO,is development. Many of our o linemen have reached the league only to struggle for a season or two b4...
  11. Re: Our band actually played 'Rammer Jammer'

    They only play it if they are told to, don't blame the band. The game did have an emotional ending. Get over it.
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    Re: Are we saving our Tight ends?

    for our wedding night? Oh you mean... Nevermind
  13. Link: Re: Rolando McClain Retires Again (Page 4 Update: Unretiring... Again?)

    Had a great game last week even in coverage which was a weak spot for him in the past in the nfl. Also please change this title! I keep thinking he's retiring again haha.
  14. Re: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly FAU style

    Youve seen 9 year olds shut out a d1 team?
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    Re: QB battle dividing the team?

    Carvel. Read no further than this name. "Qb battle and Saban oversigning and greyshirting dividing team"
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