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  1. Lane Kiffin as O-Coordinator - your opinion

    As much as my Bama-minded view of college football history tells me to really dislike Kiffen in the past - and I do dislike everything he did and how he did it at Tenn and USC, I can't help but...
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    Game Thread Re: Barn vs. Kansas State (was, CFN article)

    wow, missed again!!
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    Game Thread Re: Barn vs. Kansas State (was, CFN article)

    good drive so far
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    Game Thread Re: Barn vs. Kansas State (was, CFN article)

    this is one time I won't mind the Big 12 bragging about beating an SEC team!
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    Re: Cooper vs Julo...Who is better?

    Don't forget that Julio had problems with that broken hand his entire Soph. year; that didn't help his ability to catch. Very hard to compare them because they are two totally different style...
  6. Re: The defensive problems aren't the HUNH it's the CB's

    I think our D-line play is "softer" than it used to be (before, let's say, 2011 and earlier) due largely in part to the "mush-rush" blitzing, and us not having a designated pass rusher DE or huge NT....
  7. Re: CFB Live-"Alabama is the most overrated team in the country."

    To me, the most overrated team I saw play on Saturday was UCLA. I know they won ten games last year, but they were really having a hard time moving the football at all. The only real points they saw...
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    Question: Best Cornerback in Saban Era?

    My personal favorite was Dre K. Who's your's?
  9. Re: What It Means to Beat Bama - OU as Preseason #1 in '14

    Yeah, but FSU did beat the barn, so that sounds about right.
  10. Re: Favorite Saban Era O and D player...(only one each)

    O = Julio Jones (a close second would be Mark Ingram)
    D = Rolando McClain
  11. Re: New Discussion Thread on Possible Coaching Changes...

    If Saban does leave, there's always Terry Bowden I guess... ;)
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    Re: Gary and Verne

    I was thinking the same thing. But unfortunately, this is nothing new; they love Auburn.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. TAMU Postgame Thread...****

    Good game, Roll Tide! Wasn't sure what to expect today from our O-line, but today they looked a lot more like last year's O-line than they looked against Va Tech a couple weeks ago. Our defense gave...
  14. Link: Re: Danny Sheridan Doesn't Approve of Saban's Use of Backup QBs

    Wow! This article was so totally.... I don't even know what to say! Was it not Alabama's QB who was sitting on the bench in the 4th quarter of pretty much every game before we played LSU? Was it not...
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    Re: Urban Meyer taking a shot at Bama?

    I read the article and didn't come away with the same viewpoint that most of y'all are about what he said.
    He's right, we should have lost three games last year. I do understand that we didn't lose...
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