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  1. Re: Jalston Fowler Honored at his former High school

    Nudie is one of my all time favorite Tide players. What a fine young man!
  2. Re: I didn't mind losing to Ohio State in the Sugar

    Yeah, I refuse to listen to Finebaum when the fans call in. I like guests who know what they're talking about. The morning drive on JOX 94.5 is much better than Finebaum.
  3. Re: Appears Jarran Reed is Going Pro

    Our defense has a chance to be something special in 2015 with those two returning and all the talented newbies coming in.
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    Re: National champions by each school

    Don't let any of the aubies see that or the whining will never end. Wait, that's the way it is already. :rolleyes:
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    Re: BOL: Lance Thompson Leaving to go to Auburn

    I already thought of and realized that. Just stating how I feel when a UA coach goes to the hated in-state rival. If they're hiring our former coaches and we are never hiring theirs, that says a...
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    Re: BOL: Lance Thompson Leaving to go to Auburn

    I hate to go so low as to call Thompson a traitor. But it certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth for ANY Alabama coach to jump to the Barn. As good as Bill Oliver was as our defensive...
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    Re: 64-team playoff (What it might be like)

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    Re: Oklahoma High school sues over bad call.

    Exactly. We don't want to go there. Nothing we can do about bad calls except punish the refs in some form afterwards by putting them on probation or in extreme cases, firing them for consistent bad...
  9. Re: Who else loves the big dose of Henry we have been giving out in the 4th Q?

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    Re: Florida State players say they want Bama

    If we take care of business with OSU, then bring on the Seminoles so we can give them what they want.:p
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    Re: Auburn radio broadcast of 2014 Iron Bowl

    Sounds like my wife, who is an obnoxious AU grad. In every game they lost plus some they didn't lose, the officiating was horrible and none of the calls against AU were fair. :)
  12. Re: Interesting comparison of Sims and Winston...

    Proof that competition is a very good thing.
  13. Re: CBS contract dispute puts Saturday's game in jeopardy on DISH Network

    We have been able to pick up local broadcast stations for free since the beginning of television, and it's still that way. The only problem is that cable channels, like ESPN, have so much money now...
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    Re: Feinbaum Show Should be Good Today

    I don't have time to listen to his show during the day...sometimes at the end of the day. But rest assured, the meltdown is coming from that bunch. Between, Tammy, I-Man and Charles, I'm not sure...
  15. Re: Scarbinsky with a suggestion to those in BDS

    So true!
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