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    Re: CNS talks about helping DJ Pettway

    I felt bad for the fourth player, that did not take part in the assault, who was in the dorm, that used (IIRC) the student card of one of the victims to get a snack, and subsequently was dismissed...
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    Re: Auburn player killed

    Tragic. And for what? Thoughts and prayers to the family and loved ones.
  3. Link: Re: Barn has offered Muschamp (update: supposedly has accepted)

    Didn't he leave *u under some less than stellar circumstances? I'm sorry, but I can't wish anyone at *u any kind of good luck. I would have thought kinder of him at most any other University, but...
  4. Re: Ohio State fans really playing up their underdog role and lack of respect

    If he is from the Memphis area and experiencing this kind of treatment, I'm not surprised. I was living there in the late 80's,
    when the Liberty Bowl selected tOSU to play the Air Force Academy....
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    Re: Go navy. Beat army

    Welcome aboard! I am somewhat confused, however. How can you be a Retired Navy Independent Duty Corpsman, and not pull for Navy? You got some splainin to do, Lucy! :wink:

    Roll Tide!
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    Re: Michigan reaches out to LSU's Les Miles

    I feel that Les should stay at LSU as long as they will keep him. The money's good, the weather won't leave you frostbit, the State's talent is great, and I just feel it's much more...
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    Re: Go navy. Beat army

    US Navy, 1967 to 1971. 3 years in Pensacola (tough duty, but that's how I got introduced to L.A. Lower Alabama) and 1 year on the USS JFK.

    Go Navy, Roll over Army!
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    Re: Florida State players say they want Bama

    That's what OSU is saying. Which made me pause to recall...a few years ago, when CNS was decrying the HUNH, those teams that liked the HUNH said "Tough, you don't like the way we play, then just...
  9. Re: Interesting comparison of Sims and Winston...

    Perhaps one reason why no one calls for the benching of Sir Winston is that he has shown, repeatedly, that he can come from behind? Then, after all bets have been won, after the first half is over,...
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    Re: Thoughts on Sims after 12 games

    The kid has the heart of a champion, and the desire to go along with it. The tenacity of a Bulldog, and the determination to be a winner. He won't win them all. But there's no doubt in my mind that...
  11. Re: The joke continues: Winston's school conduct hearing to take at noon at FSU

    They should just go ahead and suspend him. That way they will at least have a valid excuse when their hind parts get handed to them in a playoff game (assuming they get past GT).

    Roll Tide!
  12. Game Thread Re: GEORGIA vs GT game thread (ACC vs SEC GAME THREAD)

    It looked to me like the ball carriers knee went down as soon as he hit the pile.
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    Re: Winston pushing referee before the snap

    You're right...I didn't complain too much. But then again, if he had been penalized/ejected, I wouldn't have complained too much then either. Because I knew he would have earned the consequences. And...
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    Re: VOls Players Suspected of Rape

    First of all, I am NOT saying the results could be the same here...that being in Charlottesville, recently, a man was arrested and charged with the murder of two young ladies a few years...
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    Game Thread Re: ****Bama vs. MSU Game Thread****

    No doubt, great D to hold them to 3 that deep into the Red Zone.

    Roll Tide!
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