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    Re: Fix our deep ball defense.

    There is no defense against a heave off the back foot with a 300lb lineman in your face and where the ball sails 40 yards up field to the sideline and arrives at the same time as a receiver and two...
  2. Re: The SEC takes football seriously - the Pac12 does not...

    oregonblitz handled this thread with class and grace.
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    Re: Difficulties with the AU Offense

    Marshall has a lot of trust in Coates, they play sandlot football, the QB just puts it up and trusts his receiver to come down with it in traffic. Having said that, most of the big completions last...
  4. JessN: Re: Auburn preview: Tigers have been effective in the spoiler role

    I think this game may not be that close at the end of the first half, we may easily have a 2 or 3 score lead. But unfortunately the game will be far from over. We will need some proper offensive...
  5. Re: Coach Saban on why Altee Tenpenny didn't dress out

    Whatever Tenpenny wants to do, stay (I hope) or transfer, he won't improve his stock by being unable to comply with relatively simple instructions such as showing up to meetings on time. I would love...
  6. Re: Sagarin's Ratings Through Yesterday's Games

    Here is my graph so far, collected from weekly Sagarin rankings, for a handful of teams I thought were interesting (UA, AU, A&M, LSU, FL) at the start of the season:
  7. JessN: Re: LSU preview: Suddenly, Tigers are a major roadblock for Tide

    My thoughts exactly. We are good at defending the thing they are good at. And, with apologies to Fournette, who I would dearly love to be a Tide player, he is just a freshman, and freshman rarely...
  8. Link: Re: Coaches Poll out

    We may have a tougher path through the SEC championship selection rules than through the national championship selection committee. Still, the very first thing is we have to win out, that will put us...
  9. News Article: Re: Phil Steele grades Alabama’s 59-0 win as college football’s best performance in y

    I thank Sumlin for going for it instead of the FG. He basically said, y'all have played a heck of a game and if we score we'll do it the hard way, we won't spoil your perfect game with some field...
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    Re: Grantland: The Team That Never Punts

    There really is something to this. He treats the kickoff after a score like a turnover. He doesnt play field position, he plays possession and scores. Why kick off to the 25 when you can onside kick...
  11. Re: Phil Steele Predicts a Big Bama Win Against TAMU

    Phil Steele called a great game today, he was really enjoying himself. He was fun to listen to.
  12. Re: Share your recipes for crow for a poster that needs them.

    I'll take my crow with a banana split and cookie dough icecream.

    Look, we were complaining about the mistakes. We would have beaten the rebs, and slaughtered the pigs, without the mistakes. The...
  13. JessN: Re: Texas A&M preview: Vegas may have this one wrong

    The loss to the rebs removed the anxiety for me. I'm just enjoying football again, rather than fretting over every mistake. I'm satisfied with Jess' analysis, but if the players play like they have...
  14. JessN: Re: Arkansas Wrap-Up: Nice to get a win, but Bama has issues

    I think I saw some Arkansas pass completions from the formation with three receivers on one side, especially the left side. One of them crosses, gets lost, and makes the catch on the right sideline....
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    Re: Kenya Drake Appreciation Thread

    I feel horrible for him. That was sickening to witness and I pray that it is not a career-ending injury. Of all the not very good things that happened today, this was by far the worst.
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