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  1. Re: FLORIDA Woman Stashes Baby In Trunk To Avoid Ticket For No Car Seat

    As I read the story, I kept thinking of this Looney Tunes clip:

    Would I really put my baby in the trunk of the car?

    You might rabbit, you...
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    ADMIN NOTE: Re: New Ebola thread reset...

    Good news: 2 less people are dead from the ebolas virus;

    bad news: every zombie movie you have ever watched.

    Liberia: Dead Ebola Patients Resurrect?
    Note: I have no idea of the reliability...
  3. Re: Somalis in MN push for non-pork food banks

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    Re: Michigan's Offense

    I've heard from one of my friends that their offensive line is bad..."bucket step" bad. That is going to hinder Nuss' offense.
  5. Re: Abilene, TX man pays for 88 meals @ Chick-Fil-A

    Oddly enough, about three years ago the person in front of me in the drive through of The Taco Bell paid for my food.
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    Link: Re: Jameis Winston suspended 1st half vs Clemson

    Exactly what he has already done, but to Jimbo Fisher's wife or sister.
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    News Article: Re: If Scotland can secede, so can Texas

    Maybe, but only because Colt got hurt.

    (I feel like every thread about Texas should mention Colt's injury somewhere. ;))
  8. Link: Re: Former SMU RB Eric Dickerson accuses Alabama of cheating

    To be fair, his quote is

    It's not a specific accusation. It's the old everybody does it line which would be a logical assumption based on his experience in college football.
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    Game Thread Re: Nebraska vs McNeese st

    Wow, I guess McNeese State wasn't overconfident. :)
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    Game Thread Re: LSU vs. Wisconsin

    They put it to a team vote, and LSU decided that they feel more comfortable attacking from behind.
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    Re: Man Has 100 Lb Scrotum Removed

    Your Testicles and You:
  12. Re: Printer/Computer problem- Printers quit working

    I am going to go with restart the print spooler service. For windows 7, type "services" in the search bar on the start menu. The first result should be the services management tool. Scroll down...
  13. Re: 9 year old accidentally kills shooting instructor

    Baby terrorist. We need to be training our children to take out their children.
  14. Re: In honor of Robin Williams: favorite movie of his

    The Survivors (1983) with Walter Matthau where Robin Williams joins a survivalist group after being mugged. It got pretty poor reviews but I thought it was really funny.
  15. Re: California school district dropping World Geo replacing it with Diversity

    But this is why we need diversity classes:
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