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  1. Re: Former Bama player arrested in Tuscaloosa

    He made some bad decisions while playing at Bama too.
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    Re: Kansas fires Charlie Weis

    Mark Mangino must've been a helluva coach.
  3. Link: Re: AP voter has 3 SEC West teams ahead of Bama.

    All 3 of those teams have a road win against a ranked team. I'm not that upset.
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    Re: Bama #1 in coaches poll

    Brodie Croyle was the last Bama QB that didn't start for a #1 ranked team.
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    Re: Bama's Latest Recruiting Poster

    I wasn't. I was one of the 100k+ though.
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    Re: Question about speeding tickets

    Where'd you get caught?

    My wife got a ticket last year in VH. She did driving school. It cost as much as the ticket and wasted an entire day.

    Pay the ticket.
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    Re: "Perfect Game" in Saban Era

    That LSU team was led by Jordan Jefferson at QB. Their offense wasn't in the same league as Florida's. They had a better D and slightly better special teams but on offense the Gators had a huge...
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    Re: "Perfect Game" in Saban Era

    Florida 2009. In my mind second place is way back. That UF team was the best team Bama has played in Saban's tenure.
  9. Re: Malzahn Whines About Refs Slowing Pace in KSU Win
  10. Re: Kirk Herbstreit on Cowherd Show-Bama's offense is "scary".

    My only concern with the UF game was the inabmioty to run between the tackles in the first half. Lots of outside runs that weren't very effective. I hope that's just because UF made a concerted...
  11. Re: Dantonio has lost my respect - Playoff Comments

    You have a poor memory.
  12. Question: Re: Do we see a CB combo of Brown and Jackson this year?

    a few times Jones was completely unprepared to defend the WR. On one drop he got bailed out but watching him the stadium worried me. TAMU will eat him alive.
  13. Link: Re: NCAA Stats - Bama 6th Total Def/5th Total Off

    We're averaging more plays per game than AU or TAMU.
  14. JessN: Re: Florida wrap-up: Tide’s growth, gameplan reason for success

    I remember that LSu game where Reed went off. It was close, but I knew we were toast. Same thing yesterday. Even when it was tied in the second half I knew we'd win unless slot of unusual things...
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    Re: ****Bama vs. UF Post-Game Thread****

    We don't need to break in a new OC next year. The D should be fantastic but we lose most of our starting skill guys
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