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    Re: *** QB Blake Barnett Commits to Alabama ***

    It's good that all our young QB's will have a couple of years to get ready & prepared to take over our offense since it's a near certainty that Coker will be the man leading our offense next...
  2. Re: CBS uses it's 6 day exemption on Week 7 games (Bama-Arky)

    Awesome..I hope Bama-LSWho plays the night game..I may be in the minority, but, I love Bama playing night games, after watching other games all day long, the best way to end a great day of watching...
  3. Re: why we seldom schedule in-state opponents like troy/UAB/South Alabama etc...

    Since Jacksonville St is right down the road from where I live & for selfish reasons only since I'm a Gamecock Fan as well as a Bama Fan..I'd love to see Bama schedule Jacksonville St instead of...
  4. Re: I don't think there's any chance Hoke can survive 'The Shane Morris Incident'...

    I hated what happened to Morris cause those concussions can be life threatening..Seems like Shula when he was our HC took a lot of criticism for playing Brodie when he was hurt as well, if memory...
  5. Re: Hidden Gem RB - Tyreek Hill - Coffee County H.S.

    They got a good quick player then..I still think he'd be an outstanding return man..
  6. Re: Hidden Gem RB - Tyreek Hill - Coffee County H.S.

    After watching all of his video..I'd love to have him come to Bama..With his shiftiness & speed I think he could be our next Javy returning kicks..He could change the field position in a hurry with...
  7. Auburn Has The "Gus Bus" & We Have The Lane Train..Check Out This Picture

    I thought this was pretty cool & thought y'all would enjoy it as well..
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    Re: Ole Miss Starting the Trash Talk Already

    Exactly..Right now we're as good as any team we've had up to this point of the season, we're as good in different ways this year, those teams had a better running game & this years team has a better...
  9. Link: Re: Schools Got Early Warnings About Abusive Teacher

    when you put your sperm on a cookie & give it to little kids to eat, to me, is as bad as it gets as far as I'm concerned..He's not right in the head & if his sickness progresses to the next level of...
  10. Re: Ohio State coach body slams idiot who ran on the field

    I agree 100% with y'all..Even though he doesn't have a gun or knife in his hands, there's no way of knowing, if he has some sort of weapon in his pockets or a weapon in his underwear where the...
  11. Link: Re: Schools Got Early Warnings About Abusive Teacher

    Yup..If there's no body it's hard to prosecute..I'm with ya..I 'm like Brad & would make him beg me to kill him after what I'd do to him..Then when he begged for mercy..The worse it would get for...
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    Game Thread Re: Memphis at Ole Miss

    Do y'all think Ole Sis has been looking ahead all week to us & didn't give Memphis enough credit thinking they would be a cakewalk??? or is their offense just that bad???..
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    Re: Reply Causes "Leave The Page" Warning

    Yup..I use Windows 8.1 & the Chrome Browser & it's doing it with me as well..Thought I did something to make it start doing it..
  14. Link: Re: Schools Got Early Warnings About Abusive Teacher

    Yup..I can come up with a few plans that would make him die a slow miserable death..He would be begging me to kill him by the time I got through with his perverted backside..
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    Game Thread Re: NC State vs Florida State (ABC)

    WOW..FSU's D looks terrible & I'm thoroughly enjoying watching The Criminals watching the #1 spot slip out of their grasp..It's one thing to win the NC, it's a whole another beast, to stay on top &...
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