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  1. Re: Congratulations to Dont'a Hightower - Super Bowl Champion!!!

    An SEC ring, two National Championship rings and now a Super Bowl ring. I'd say he's got a collection to rival those boxes that sit in Coach Saban's office. :)
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    Re: Where Things Stand -- January 26, 2015

    Well if they did JK would have had 5. And if he didn't then he DEFINITELY does now! :)
  3. Re: Chris Samuels hired as high school coach in Virginia

    Congrats to Chris and Tim! These high schools got a couple of steals. I'll miss them at the Capstone.
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    Re: BOL: Lance Thompson Leaving to go to Auburn

    I met a family member of a current auburn player at the Senior Bowl this past weekend. He was downright giddy about the fact that "they" STOLE Lance from Alabama. I about choked on my food at that...
  5. Re: Tenpenny and Faciane no longer with the team

    And not to start a whole 'nother thread but Alvin Kamara wanted to come back to Bama. He is now at Tennessee. Funny one Alvin.
  6. Re: Tenpenny and Faciane no longer with the team

    I wish Altee the very best. He has always been a very polite young man. I thought the Arkansas game would be the perfect time for him to begin to make the move up the chart. We had just lost...
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    Re: Lane Kiffin a candidate for 49ers OC job

    The Kiffin family does live in California, and that's really the only factor that concerns me. If he was rumored to be the Jets top pick I wouldn't think twice about it. But the 49ers is a whole...
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    Re: Blake Sims Invited to the Senior Bowl

    Yeah, I'm going for the 1st time and look forward to seeing the Bama guys. Arie is the perfect example of hard work on and off the field. He's class, class, class and an Academic All-American as...
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    Re: ***OLB Adonis Thomas Commits to Alabama***

    I can buy that. :) Plus, the final piece of his puzzle was his mom signing off on the deal. Now obviously she can't truly sign anything of value until February, but her coming onboard was the most...
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    Re: *** RB Damien Harris Commits to Alabama ***

    Yep Adonis is my only concern at this point. Auburn is only two hours away and don't think Muschamp won't use that to his advantage. That and the fact that Lance is now with him at auburn. I won't...
  11. Re: Ohio State: Next Season's FSU w/o the Drama

    And there are no guarantees, but how long does it take Michigan to get back to be a formidable challenge for OSU?
  12. Re: Ohio State: Next Season's FSU w/o the Drama

    Exactly ;)
  13. Re: LSU has been in Contact with Alabama DC Kirby Smart, Bears DC Mel Tucker About Jo

    I'll try to find the exact quote, but Saban has said in the past that he supports his staffers leaving if they get promotions. I can't remember if he said he doesn't support lateral moves or if he...
  14. Re: Ohio State: Next Season's FSU w/o the Drama

    Yikes, now I'm really depressed. :(
  15. Re: Alabama players react live to Ohio State-Oregon in CFP championship

    I hope the players, coaches and staff feel as sick as I do.......cause I'm counting on them to do something about it.
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