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  1. Re: Espn

    This is quite a bother. Where did you send your feedback? I will do the same!
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    Re: AJ vs Johnny again?

    The report I heard was that AJ was playing the role of Johnnie at the Bengal's practice.
  3. Re: OT Glenn Stout: Series Editor of The Best American Sports Writing; Alabama Footba

    Fine work. Your persistence in life is demonstrated very well in your writing. You will do good things. Enjoy the game & Roll Tide!
  4. Link: Re: ESPN's College GameDay headed to Tuscaloosa for Alabama-Mississippi State showdow

    Looks like SEC bias again..... Certainly there are bigger games on the national scene that deserve more attention
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    Re: What kind of cigar do you have on standby?

    It is a great cigar. I had my first of these after the West Virginia game. I had to go buy a box for special occasions and any time we beat UT is a special occasion.

    Enjoy the Carlos Torano...
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    Re: What kind of cigar do you have on standby?

    Oliva Serie V Melanio and a glass of Eagle Rare with one ice cube.
  7. JessN: Re: Texas A&M wrap-up: Seriously, where did this come from?

    Thanks Jess! I always enjoy your analysis and I couldn't argue with you on you pregame analysis.
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    Re: ****Bama vs. TAMU Pregame Thread****

    I am feeling like it is a BIG win today for Bama. Roll Tide and Let the Horse Run!
  9. Re: Breaking: FSU and TPD covered up the Winston case

    I don't think the NFL will touch Mr. Winston now.
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    Re: Tennessee vs Oklahoma, who do you like?

    I still have a very strong dislike for UT but in this case I may find a bit of conference pride to pull for the orange team. However, I will not drink anything from Tennessee and the volume on the TV...
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    Re: Any Bourbon Connoisseurs

    I agree with the Elmer T. Lee. Very good. I will suggest Eagle Rare 10 Year. This is another product of the Buffalo Trace Distillery.
  12. Re: Caption This "Selfie" Pic Of NCAA Coaches At Charity Golf Tourney

    Smile if Bama's kicked your butt!
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    Re: Nick Saban Impersonation Must See

    6/10 Good mannerisms,
  14. JessN: Re: Spring analysis: Seven big questions facing the 2014 team

    Wow. Thanks JessN. I needed that. A realistic review.
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    Re: UT fan's commercial

    I did not enlarge the video but, was Mike missing his top front teeth? Maybe a golf course accident caused Mike to have a vendetta against people owning golf clubs. To over come his rage, Mike buys...
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