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    Re: NFL Combine 2015

    The covet speed traditionally so Kevin White might be their guy.
  2. If memory serves me, he was on the Ravens first...

    If memory serves me, he was on the Ravens first title team.
  3. JessN: Re: Ohio State preview: Focus is on Meyer-Saban, but game will be won elsewhere

    I'm feeling 38-13
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    Re: Julio Jones' current stat line today

    And has Patrick Peterson the self professed " best corner in the game " covering him.
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    Re: Difficulties with the AU Offense

    Nick Marshall was the main problem for us as was Johnny Football. Our defense plays to an opponent's tendencies. A Qb like the previous mentioned one cause problems because they do a lot of...
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    That was a pretty nasty takedown!

    That was a pretty nasty takedown!
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    Should help the players get ready for Auburn and...

    Should help the players get ready for Auburn and Dismukes.
  8. That is exactly what I keep telling my coworkers...

    That is exactly what I keep telling my coworkers (AU fans). That style of play puts a great amount of stress on a defense. I can't think of any really good spread based teams with a dominant defense.
  9. JessN: Re: LSU wrapup: Tide wasn’t great, but it was relentless

    I count myself as one who had lost hope after LSU kicked the FG. I was at work at the time and was walking to my car and heard a guy yelling Roll Tide it's overtime. I was like what tha! Thrilled
  10. JessN: Re: Texas A&M wrap-up: Seriously, where did this come from?

    Thanks for the review Jess. I've felt for some time now that the players have been under pressure to fill expectations and standards that they sometimes seem to be not really enjoying the game...
  11. JessN: Re: Florida wrap-up: Tide’s growth, gameplan reason for success

    Florida is what I felt like they were. A talented defensive team with little offensive help. The head coach is not very disciplined and neither is the team. Kiffin set up UF with play calling in the...
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    We have to remember also that UF was selling out...

    We have to remember also that UF was selling out to stop the run. Running lanes will be better moving forward. I believe talent wise, the Gators are the best def we will face. Scheme may not be the...
  13. Re: first play: I'm not the only one who instantly thought this, am I?

    That first play was a result of the first three games' playcalling. Nobody respected Simms ability to throw the deep ball because of the screen game. When UF got aggressive, boom hit them with a...
  14. Re: The Future of Alabama Basketball and Anthony Grant

    Do I understand the rule correctly? That players don't actually have to attend college but have to be out of high school at least one year.
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    Game Thread Re: Super Bowl XLVIII: Broncos vs. Seahawks

    Even for an offense driven NFL a great defense still trumps.It's a familliar sight for us Broncos fans since the 80'sthe run. Smh
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