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    Re: CB Eddie Jackson suffers knee injury...

    Sounds like Saban is hoping for a Dequan Menzie type recovery. Didn't Menzie get hurt around the same time in 2010 and was back to play that fall?
  2. Re: UGA's Newest Recruiting Tactic: Drawn Portraits of the Recruit

    Reminds me of this. :)
  3. JessN: View Post

    This has precisely been my point for a while. It drives me crazy to see the refs running over to the ball, throwing it to the next ref for him to run as fast as he can to get the ball set and then...
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    JessN: Re: NFL Draft: Combine was a mixed bag for Bama

    Wow, what an awesome write up, Jess. You really did your homework on this one. I hope this will be a yearly occurrence because I found it extremely informative as to not only where the Bama players...
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    Re: Dear Auburn...Part 2

    Sent to my Facebook friends. :)
  6. JessN: Re: Recruiting: Alabama planning for 2015 with 2014 class choices

    Seems like Jones has had time all over the field. IIRC he got some of his first game experience as a RB in 2011.
  7. JessN: Re: Sugar Bowl preview: Tide must ignore waves of disappointment to beat Sooners

    Agree completely. I have no idea what Bama team to expect to see on the field. If our heads are in the right place, we should win by multiple scores. But I really feel like we could slog through...
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    JessN: Re: Projected Depth Chart for Alabama vs. Auburn

    Nice to see that you think Vogler will start.
  9. JessN: Re: UTC preview: Early lead, mass substitutions, no injuries are the goals

    Jess, since they also run a run first spread offense, is it similar to Auburn's at all? Will this serve as a good tune up game for what we will see next week?
  10. Link: Re: Officials Call A Phantom Safety In Ohio-Buffalo Game (Video)

    I'm not even sure it was intentional grounding. The QB was WAY out of the tackle box. Blown call all the way around.
  11. Re: It's Bama - Swamp Kittens Week & LSUFreek Bashes Bama..LOL

    This one always makes me laugh. :D
  12. Re: It's Bama - Swamp Kittens Week & LSUFreek Bashes Bama..LOL

    The original is an older but I still love it.

    I actually prefer this one, though, for Bama/LSU week.
  13. Re: Christon Jones dresses up as Ray Charles for Saban's B'Day (Video)

    Pretty sure when Christian goes to the piano he says, "It looks like a piano for Saban." Short joke. :)
  14. Link: Re: Maurice Couch (Vol involved with Luther Davis) declared permanently ineligible

    You keep using Auburn and A&M as examples, but there's one big difference with both of those schools. Their players were/are still currently playing. Not only that, but they were/are college...
  15. JessN: Re: Tennessee wrap-up: Vols have found out how the other half lives

    Those were my thoughts as well. I can understand (somewhat) the idea of wanting your team not to focus on the team "ALABAMA," but to let it get out in the media like that, I just don't understand...
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