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  1. Re: Dabbo under attack from Freedom from Religion foundation

    I thought the Establishment Clause referred to the government not enforcing a "National" religion, not some ball coach allowing kids to have access to a chaplain. If no player was coerced where is...
  2. Re: Luv Obamacare? You can't buy insurance until the end of 2014 -- It's all Shut Do

    Especially when there are so many others.
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    Re: Is the US stock market rigged?

    So, Is this more crooked than the Fed propping it up?
  4. Re: Holy Grail Found (or so it is being claimed)

    I agree, but as you seem to be saying, the most important thing Jesus touched for me was my heart!!
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    Re: It's official - Russian enter Crimea

    Dwight D Eisenhower, Coal and Natural Gas.
  6. Re: Westboro's Fred Phelps Reportedly On His Deathbed

    I agree

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Well here it is and we will both be dumber for it.
  7. Re: Westboro's Fred Phelps Reportedly On His Deathbed

    I pray that he finds Jesus before he passes.
  8. Re: Iraqi bill would allow 9 year old girls to marry, husbands to demand sex

    Serious business, I am just curious how a marriage to be made as if it never happened when there are kids from the union?
  9. Re: Adapting to a Divided Nation - A Liberal Comes to an Interesting Conclusion

    The court system has been all over our districting, haven't they? Alabama's I mean.
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    Re: Dr. Richard Saul: ADHD Does Not Exist

    I actually have a son taking meds for that now. I took him to a Doctor who insisted on testing before and after medication. My son would be given tasks to complete while wearing a head piece that...
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    Re: Dr. Richard Saul: ADHD Does Not Exist

    I don't know if it is truly a disease or not, but my dad had a therapy that worked pretty well!
  12. Re: Some of the "hate" toward the successful in this country is mind boggling.

    There is an easy answer for their problem. Buy the property.
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    Re: It's tax time. How patriotic are you?

    So does Uncle Joe Biden. If he wanted to pay more the option is there!!
  14. Re: Malaysia Airlines loses contact with passenger jet

    Maybe to make sue they aren't just missing people....
  15. Re: How to best live below your means? (Advice to the younger generations)

    Or you could just bet somebody you were going to be struck by lightning ...
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