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    Re: Rolando retires from NFL...

    Regardless of incentives*
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    Re: Rolando retires from NFL...

    They'd probably have been throwing money away given what the Raiders got relative to signing bonus
  3. Re: Charlie Wiess backs up Stoops claims about SEC

    I don't think either one of these guys would beat Vanderbilt right now.
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    Re: O'Brien wins Bear Bryant award

    I believe that his omission is really a type of flattery: everyone knows he's the best coach, so why bother saying it repeatedly. I doubt Saban even cares about the award. It's possible he told...
  5. News Article: SI Mandel: Don't anoint Alabama as the BCS champion just yet

    This guy kind of annoys me. Very illogical dude. But I am glad to read...
  6. Re: ESPN team has its marching orders...

    Pretty sweet cover imo

    I get tired of everything ESPN. It's just all so repetitive and blitherful

    And then there's Stephen A Smith. . . the antichrist
  7. Re: NY Times article--excellent read (about CNS and his time in Miamia)

    I hope the ND team reads that
  8. Re: Pick the Score: Alabama vs. Notre Dame BCSNCG

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    Game Thread Re: LSU vs. Clemson

    I was drinkin' so I missed the end of this game. . .

    How embarrassing

    The game, I mean
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    Re: SEC representin'

    Pretty sure it's supposed to go on the outside of the car on the back
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    Re: Good article on Maurice Clarett

    The NCAA's selective "hear no evil, see no evil" that they apply to certain schools didn't seem serve Clarett too well in the long run.
  12. Re: Check out this Kicker (I don't believe it)

    Seems pretty real to me

    Sweet cinematography, too
  13. Link: Re: Very interesting interview with CNS on the LeBatard Show (look it up in French)..

    Ya, interesting read on Evans from a couple of months ago
  14. Re: 3 weeks from today: what are your early score predictions?

  15. Re: Today's Question: Inspiration doesn’t care where you are and what you’re doing —

    That happens to me a lot. Funny how your brain can work better when you leave it alone.
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