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  1. Re: Link: Let The Battle Begin: David Cornwell (speaks very highly of his progress)

    We lost. It doesn't matter if someone thinks we were a better team. After watching the game again a few months ago, what stood out to me was the atrocious 3rd down pass defense and giving up 250+...
  2. Link: Re: Auburn fans heckling Alabama LB signee Rashaan Evans

    I just realized it will never happen. AU will never agree to move to the east - they have to play us every year to be relevant in the SEC. But then if we try to move to the east, surely UF and uga...
  3. Link: Re: Auburn fans heckling Alabama LB signee Rashaan Evans

    The only way things might cool down is to stop playing them - either us moving to the east or them. AU moving would make more sense as they can keep uga and we keep UT. However, I assume all SEC...
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    2014 Prospect: Re: DE Lorenzo Carter Updates

    I watched the game and was unimpressed. Maybe he should be at OLB? I don't know but if he's 235 lbs right now, he'll need to gain 25-30 lbs or so to pay Jack/Sam for us and 50lbs to to play DE. It...
  5. Poll: Re: Who do you hate more?Auburn or tennessee?

    I'd say Auburn but not by much. I enjoy drubbing AU more because I despise their team, their lunatic fans and anyone associated with them. With UT since the Fulmer stuff, it's personal like with AU...
  6. Re: USC Investigating Clowney's Ties w/ Jay-Z

    I'd agree every one of the top riders the years Lance won was doping. In order to be at the top you had to there is no question. However, what Lance did is a great deal more than having an attitude....
  7. Re: USC Investigating Clowney's Ties w/ Jay-Z

    If anything, Lance was coddled by the media for well over a decade. There were several witnesses, fellow riders and a few journalists who always said the same thing - Lance was doping. Many more in...
  8. Re: One to watch: JUCO speedster Tyreek Hill

    Palmer made so many plays for us that look like the HS highlights you see on Youtube now. In HS, it's common to see guys run around, make several guys miss and get to the corner for a big gain. In...
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    Question: Re: How will the Barn do this year?

    I'd say 6-6 or 5-7. A lot depends on their QB. If Marshall doesn't pan out it could be worse. It appears Frazier or Wallace can't do much so it looks like Marshall is their only hope. Gus's...
  10. Re: Shane Youngblood Tweets a Good Question About Future Bama Recruiting

    At this point if an elite recruit were climbing Mt. Everest, I'd expect Nick Saban to be at the summit waiting on him. He is going to be where the best players are, whether it's in South Panola or...
  11. Re: Alabama in a class by itself - Article: "Recruiting by the Numbers"

    Our recruiting has allowed us unprecedented depth and versatility and I think that's what has set us apart. In '11, we won mostly with defense with a lot of NFL level talent. This was AJ's 1st year...
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    Re: Where is a crazy early depth chart?

    Spring will be huge for OJ. If he can get some of the blocking assignments down I think he can be a major contributor next year. Saban has been asked a few times over the years what his worst...
  13. Re: Bama has been ranked #1 5 of the last 6 years on

    On Rivals we are #1 for '08, '09, '11, '12, '13 with '10 being #5.

    Three #1 classes in a row is just astounding. 5 of 6 is unheard of. USC had two in a row during their run but what we have...
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    Re: Favorite Bama win on the season

    I'd say ND. Sure it was great blowing out Michigan to start things off. Dominating UT and *U is always wonderful but it was expected this year. LSU and UGA were great games, but hard to enjoy at...
  15. Re: CNS Entering Uncharted Territory Even for Him - The ThreePeat

    I agree but even with the lack of leadership and focus, I believe we still would have had a shot to win it all if it weren't for Robby Green's suspension and key defensive injuries. Dareus and...
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