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  1. Thread: Mike Shula

    by M2J

    Re: Mike Shula

    I'm definitely of the belief that Cam is creating Shula.... not a person with any sense in the world will credit Shula with some miracle work.

    I'd say the biggest credit for Cam's growth is Cam...
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    Re: Who's our OC next year?

    As recently as the Ole Miss game, I have been ready for Kiffin to leave. But, once Saban put his foot on his playcalling, and demanded that we ENFORCE OUR WILL with the run...things seemed right in...
  3. Re: NYE and Cotton Bowl: How is NYE affecting your normal game watch plans?

    It actually sucks for me. I'm paying too much to go to a high priced old Opera House in Atlanta. The game may be on while the ball drops.

    I'm coming from California, and was sorta going home...
  4. Re: Lane Kiffin Interviewed for the Maryland Head Coach Vacancy

    Exciting news
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    Question: Re: Best Place for Kirby Smart?

    Miami. You can win there. If they make the right commitments. I think they will.

    That program is ripe for the next coach. They have good talent now, you can win next year. Charlie...
  6. Game Thread Re: OFFICIAL Game Thread - Bama vs. Ole Miss (ESPN 8:15 CDT)...

    Jake was great and should continue, but the int seemed to be a bit on the receiver too. In the future I'd like to see more Bateman.

    Let's go Tide, and great job Coker.
  7. Link: Re: Injury will Force Alabama to Play 3 Freshmen Defensive Backs in Dime Package

    Yeah, I was totally expecting Tony to start this year
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    Re: So ... Quarterbacks

    I'm not trying to be hard on Coker. But there are some obvious deficiencies.

    I think one large reason he looked so bad yesterday is because, YES that was a practice situation or scrimmage of...
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    Re: So ... Quarterbacks

    My thoughts regarding the matter remain the same as they were last week.

    If you have 2 QBs.

    1 is a 5th year senior that still isn't ready to protect the ball or lead, or make smart...
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    Re: Is Texas becoming a laughing stock?

    Ummm...why do people keep comparing Strongs second year to Saban's. Is this a joke?

    He's not Saban. Thank God we have Saban, and no one else does.

    Next Texas was trash when Strong...
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    Re: Is Texas becoming a laughing stock?

    Charlie will do a fine job there. The cupboard was bare before he got there. He did the typical house cleaning last year. You should see some good moments this year, but next year is the one...
  12. Re: Would still like to see Cooper Bateman get some reps.

    I would say Coker did a good job. I feel like much of the issues could be worked out, but I can definitely see what Coach was saying leading up to the season.

    Someone (Coker) needs to be able to...
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    Re: Thank you Coach Kiffin!

    Kiffin has much to learn. He's a brilliant coordinator that out smarts himself, and it's hurt every team he's coached including ours. He can set up big plays, its when he realizes that...
  14. Re: So the 4 team playoff didn't even make it 1 year without controversy, how long ti

    I know these are kids, but not pee wee. Everybody doesn't deserve a shot. IMO this system did it's job perfectly.

    I do believe that TCU and Baylor are better, but there's no controversy. ...
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    Re: Opinions on how long Lane Kiffin stay at Bama

    I think Lane is a great offensive mind. I said when he was signed, I may have some opinions on his character personally, but he solidifies Bama as having the best coaching staff in the country. ...
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