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    Need 2 Ole Miss tickets

    Need a pair of tickets for Ole Miss game in Bama section. Email me at: with cost of both tickets and the seat location. Thanks and RTR!!
  2. Re: At a time when we really need positive role models...there's Derek Jeter....

    Manziel, Winston, Newton and whatever other inmature professional athletes that are such an embrassement to the society of sports in these days need to get their butts enrolled into "Respect 101"...
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    Re: Throwback Thursday picture of the day

    Even with all the hype Tebow got, I rather have him on my team than Winston, Manziel or Newton. I'm sure you all would agree with that.....
  4. Looking for two Bama/Texas A&M tickets

    Looking for a pair of tickets for the Aggies game. Not interested in paying well over face value as I'll stay home if have to. If you got a pair you are looking to get rid of at a fair price; let me...
  5. Question: Re: Would you guys be okay if Coker got the start this week?

    Sims deserves to start, but he really needs to stretch the field with his passing. We got big time WRs now and this is the time to take advantage of their talents. Very hard to utilize their...
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    Need 2 Bama/Tennessee tickets

    Looking for a pair of Tide Pride tickets for the Tennessee game. If have a pair avaliable, please PM me or email me: to let me know and how much you are asking for the pair. ...
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    Looking for 2-3 Tennessee tickets

    Searching for 2-3 (prefer 3) tickets for the game at Neyland this year in Bama sections. PM me or email me at: if have tickets and how much asking for them. Thanks!! RTR!!
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    Re: SEC Network Links and news

    What DirecTV package will have the SEC Network?
  9. Re: 3 Tide Pride tickets - GREAT PRICE!!

    Tickets are sold!!
  10. Re: OG / C Brandon Kennedy Updates (Announcing Today at 10 a.m.)

    Is there a live stream for this??
  11. 3 Tide Pride tickets - GREAT PRICE!!

    Tide Pride member has 3 tickets located in East Upper Deck - U4-FF, Row 18 as the three seats are on the aisle. Will take $1250 for all three as it includes all the home games MINUS Auburn (that's...
  12. Re: Three Tide Pride tickets for 2014 football season

    Taking offers if interested in all 3 tickets, or even 2 or single ticket. Ideally like to sell all three at the same time. Also have 1st dibs to buy the same tickets for 2015 and beyond.
  13. Re: Three Tide Pride tickets for 2014 football season

    I just realized that I didn't even include the price for the 3 tickets for all of the games except Auburn. I'm only asking $2000 or best offer for all 3 tickets.
  14. Three Tide Pride tickets for 2014 football season

    Disregard my other posting on this forum that has two Tide Pride tickets for sale. Got a handful of inquiries but no one pulled the trigger. Just got a call from Tide Pride earlier this morning as I...
  15. News Article: Re: USA Today on FSU's handling of Winston and his problems off field...

    So if the truth does indeed come out at some point, would Winston's Heisman trophy be revoked and given to AJ since he was runner-up perhaps?
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