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  1. Re: Typical UT 'class' - UT's director of Football Operations tried to trip player

    It must be something about those puke orange shirts that causes low class.
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    Re: Kansas fires Charlie Weis

    With the way those teams looked when he was the coach he wasn't doing much coaching.
  3. Re: Will Kiffin Coach From The Sideline Or The Press Box?

    The REC controls EVERYTHING. LOL
  4. Re: Bo Pelini suggests Ole Miss dirty in its recruiting tactics

    Ole Mi$$ sends it's money out to laundered so it won't be dirty so Pelini is mistaken.
  5. Re: Strong kicks ANOTHER player from the Whorns

    Aubarn will have enough players to field 2 teams at this rate.
  6. Re: Auburn DL Tyler Nero Passes Out During Practice's "Pace" Drill

    Rugby players also don't wear helmets.
  7. Re: Water's Wet. Fat Meat's Greasy.4 UGA Players Arrested

    None of them were QB's so it makes it a little less likely.
  8. JessN: Re: Commentary: Furor over HUNH offenses won’t end quickly

    Anthony Swain says hey. The William Shatner of the flop.
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    Re: Proposed 10 second rule change shelved.

    Just don't ask the barn how to flop. They flopped when they tried to flop.
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    Re: Former Bama RB Alvin Kamara Arrested

    He doesn't play QB.
  11. Re: Books That Will Never Be Written (Absolutely No Politics!)

    Pals with Phil Fulmer by Johnny Majors

    How I turned down $180,000 to play for nothing by Cecil Newton

    Getting it right by SEC officials

    Staying on the good side of the Fambly by Rashaan...
  12. Re: Rules Ctne recommends 10 second substitution window

    But I bet he isn't 40 anymore.
  13. Link: Re: Auburn fans heckling Alabama LB signee Rashaan Evans

    It wouldn't bother me one bit if the Nzaa shut that cesspool in West Ga down for good. If ever a school deserved it they are the one.
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    Blog: Re: The one Auburn stole from Bama

    We(the REC) don't normally discuss things like this but needless to say the plan worked perfectly.
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    Blog: Re: The one Auburn stole from Bama

    You go to where you the business is. He wants to hit his target audience.
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