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  1. Four Western Carolina Tickets 11/22 For Sale $40 each

    $160 total for 4 piggyback tickets (3 in one row, 1 in row in front) in section U 4 BB. Row 29 seat 13, row 30 seats 11,12,13. Shipping is free, payment is by paypal.
  2. Re: 2 Lower End Zone Alabama / West Virginia tickets

    Sorry they are sold.
  3. Re: Want 2-4 lower level to West Virginia - will buy or trade for other games

    I have 2 in the lower end zone, section 125, row 10, $120 each.
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    Need 2 tickets to Ole Miss and LSU

    I am looking for two tickets to the Ole Miss game and the LSU game.
  5. 2 Lower End Zone Alabama / West Virginia tickets

    I have 2 tickets to the Chick Fil A kickoff Alabama vs West Virginia in section 125 row 10. Price is face value, $120 per ticket. Local pickup in Marietta, GA available, or USPS Priority Mail...
  6. Re: Mandatory time between plays as a possability with the HUNH?

    Another option would be to open up certain penalties to automatic video review, such as 5 men in the backfield and 12 men on the field. Since those aren't really judgement calls like holding, pass...
  7. Re: Mandatory time between plays as a possability with the HUNH?

    It is the referee that determines the crew is in place, and also holds the snap if the offense substituted and thus the defense is allowed to substitute. But if no substitutions occur, the 8th...
  8. Re: Mandatory time between plays as a possability with the HUNH?

    It seems like the opposite is occurring, especially in the Big 12. This year the Big 12 added an 8th official on the field whose sole responsibility is to get the ball set and ready for play as...
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    Re: UF has to fire Muschamp now right?

    My prediction:

    11/25 - Florida fires Will Muschamp
    12/2 - Florida hires Gus Malzahn
  10. Alabama vs Miss St game time 6:00pm CT or 6:45pm CT


  11. Re: The Forward Progress Stopped Non-Fumble In The Tennessee Game

    I agree with most that forward progress was stopped, but I disagree with those that think the whistle was too slow. TIDE-HSV got it right, the whistle does not end the play, the ball is already dead...
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    Re: Stadium crowd yesterday/student seating

    I can only imagine they swapped the Lower Bowl Swipes and Upper Bowl Swipes data ... There are far more lower bowl student seats than upper.
  13. Link: Re: A Rare Look At A Legal Kick-Pass For A First Down

    The key is the kick did not cross the neutral zone. I guess the punter is a lot more accurate with his foot than throwing the ball hah.
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    Re: Worst officiating ever

    The illegal substitution was enforced as a post-scrimmage kick foul.

    The targeting should not have been called at all because Ha-Ha was playing the ball, but of course that is a judgement...
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    Re: U4-BB Season Tickets for sale

    Tickets are sold.
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